Kids loot Jhb CBD

Thousands of children wearing different school uniforms disrupted the cbd today on their quest for better education. It is believed that they are enraged by the fact that they don't have tablets and have to pay for school.

I asked them what the uproar was all about and some said "di ntho tsa mahala di monate" which means free things are nice. Others said that they are just tagging along. At around 1pm the children were at park station toi toiing saying that they want these free tablets.

By 3pm the group was unstopable ,treet vendors were terrorised and shop owners were robbed of stock. The leaders of this unruly pack held metal rods and sent out fluits to communicate to the the rest of the group on the direction the group had to go forcing commuters to re route
BatongaBoro 2014/07/30 09:04:45 PM
i would say that free education is what we are supposed to be paying taxes for. education should be the priority of any government, but of course it suits the ANC to keep as many people as possible ignorant.
Had Enuf 2014/07/30 09:57:38 PM
Anarchy is here to stay people, get used to it and stock up on ammunition for when they come to take your life and possessions !
psstudio 2014/07/31 04:45:31 AM
The future generation only behaves like this because the unions in this country have taught the "stupids" that this is the only way to behave. Where are their school principals surely they should carry the blame for this kind of behavior, or is it easier for them to sit at home and claim they knew nothing about this?
Akhenaten 2014/07/31 05:26:16 AM
Whatever you have now was given to you by the ANC. If you are not satisfied, start your protesting at home with your parents who keep on voting for them. Don't take it out on the people who, in difficult circumstances, try to keep the economy afloat. Education wont improve while Zuma and his cadres have a free hand in the state coffers.
Perter Damingo 2014/07/31 06:52:53 AM
Come on people surely you can pay another 2% of your hard earned cash to give all these students a free tablet while your child sits at home without one as you are battling to make ends meet
fargone 2014/07/31 07:21:15 AM
Since when does demonstrating mean that it is acceptable to steal and destroy private property? Lawlessness is not the answer! Extremely selfish. All about supposedly demonstrating, but what about the rights of law abiding shopkeepers and businesses?
Sean O'Donnell 2014/07/31 08:04:46 AM
Why don't these kids do something constructive about their grievances regarding poor education? Like go home an slap their parents, for continuing to put this retarded Government in power. Alternatively go and burn Nkandla - maybe then you'll get the required attention.
Lynn O'Shea Comley-White 2014/07/31 09:00:28 AM
I just wonder how old a lot of these "kids" are??
NoAbsolutes 2014/07/31 09:15:51 AM
Well their CAUSE is valid; education SHOULD be free and it's 2014, so they should have tablets and free wifi at schools giving them access to information available on the internet that everyone else takes for granted. On the other hand, their ill-disciplined BEHAVIOUR is disgusting and should be severely punished. But in SA we reward this sort of thing, Marikana being an example.
SunshinyDay 2014/07/31 09:32:31 AM
I also want free things. Everyone wants free things, but the reality is that you have to EARN what you have! I'm sure my mother would have liked it if she didn't take an extra three years after I finished school to pay off the school fees, and I would like it if I didn't have to get myself into debt to afford a car. I don't have a tablet, I can't afford one. If I were there I would have pepper sprayed and used my tazer on these thieves. I'm surprised the government hasn't said anything about this yet.