Learn to love

The change starts within. It has to come from a deep place inside not out there somewhere. People are not born to hate they are taught to hate or dislike.

You won’t find it in any book or are taught this at any school. Even your parents can’t help you. It is the concept of self love. Learn to love yourself first. Become at peace within your own being without looking for a quick fix out there someplace.

For a few minutes a day enjoy your own company laugh at your silliness berate yourself for being impatient in the traffic. Say sorry to yourself for being rude to someone. Breathe in life and take in the beauty around you. A simple thing like a flower or the sky

Say something nice to the next person even if you are not in the mood. Learn to smile more. Look in the mirror and know everything will work out just fine it always does even if we panic needlessly. Do not get angry as anger creates more anger creates stress and discontent. Anger serves no one ever.  Become patient and tolerant of those around you even if you don’t agree with them smile. If someone says something hurtful smile at them it will anger them not you. Be generous and sharing with your time without expecting reward for your actions all the time. Go out and give even if you don’t have much it will come back to you in some way or form. That is universal law. The more you give the more you receive its that simple. Make more time to spend with your children especially the smaller ones and listen intensely to what they have to share. You will be very surprised at the wisdom young children hold as they have not yet been polluted in thought and spirit. Educate them in life and don’t expect it all to come from schools and places of learning. Spend more time with them if possible if not then spend quality time. Ask them some serious questions as you will be amazed at the profound wisdom young children hold.

Learn to listen and become aware of your own inner child. In our homeless shelter it is the kids that often make the most sense as they are viewing it from a simplistic fashion without complicating things in the mind. If you look deep into any young child’s eyes you will notice innate intelligence and wisdom they were born with. Nurture this and guide them accordingly. Love them as they are the future and stop robbing them of a place in the sun. Kindly visit our project here http://crossroadsgeorge.org.za and here

http://igg.me/at/georgeshelter.  Care and share and le us build a brighter future starting with ourselves from inside and soon you will find others start to share this.

To love is human nature and easy. To hate is hard work with no reward.     

Fanny Mc Pee 2014/08/04 02:11:25 PM
"Become patient and tolerant of those around you even if you don’t agree with them smile" I'll fckn smile my most tolerant smile at the next fckn taxi driver - with my middle finger politely extended - who pushes me off the road so he can make an illegal turn from the wrong lane. My tolerance and patience are earned only when courtesy - no - normal decent human behaviour - is reciprocated. Why should I be first? Kumbaya, how's that working for you?
Isabel Bezuidenhoudt 2014/08/04 02:33:51 PM
Fanny McPee, you will not change the world by waiting for them to change. How does that make you different than anybody else? Brian is light years ahead of you in knowing the wisdom of true, unreciprocated love and mercy. Really, you should learn from him. And revolutionize the world around you. I realise that will be a sacrifice for you not to return kind for kind, but its one worth it.
Siebert Mazus 2014/08/04 02:43:23 PM
Brian writes: -People are not born to hate they are taught to hate or dislike- Completely disagree. I do dislike people who have lots of children and keep on insisting that I legally have to pay for them and for all of their children. I start disliking those people intensely.
Net Crunchie 2014/08/04 02:52:40 PM
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