Loadshedding inconvenience


LOADSHEDDING that happened two weeks ago nationwide has left number of citizens having their appliances incapacitated.

The reason of the constant loadshedding according to Eskom was a rise in demand of electricity that has been noted especially during peak hours as the cold weather sets in.

Necessary emergency resources were used at its disposal, but the demand did not decrease as expected then loadshadding was the only solution to avoid the national grid from total shutdown.

One of the citizens who learned the hard way was Sithembile Nxumalo who resides at South Coast of Durban in Winklespruit where her fridge busts due to the on-and-off of electricity.

“First it was the light in the dining room, as I was still shocked I rushed to switch off everything even though electricity already took off.  In the next morning my fridge was not working, and another two lights were damaged,” said Nxumalo.

When asked about schedule that was released by Eskom before loadshadding took effect she said she did not see it because from 6 am until 6pm she is at work.

“I did not know about times of when the electricity will be cut-off, maybe if I knew I would have avoided all this.  Now I have to spend little that I have to replace this fridge,” added Nxumalo.

A former Eskom employee who did not want his name to be revealed said it is very important that people learn careful about electricity because it can be dangerous in situations like these.

“People have to be alert about the danger of electricity, the on-and-off can lead to bust in the lights or even in the metre itself.  Fridges and stoves capacitor just hit their fuse instantly, so make sure everything is off prior loadshadding take effect,” said former Eskom employee.

WollieVerstege 2014/08/13 03:36:13 PM
Proudly Eskom free going on 10 months now ...
OzzyInSA 2014/08/13 04:26:49 PM
We were "shedded" on Monday night from 10pm. When I rang the Jo'burg helpline I was told it was not loadshedding but an "overload" of the network in that area. I asked how long the power would be out for and was told 4 hours. When I said that's the same length of time as loadshedding, he hung up on me. Why can't these people just be honest and tell the truth and hide behind a myriad of lies and excuses. Not all of us take well to being spoon-fed BS.
John Greystoke 2014/08/13 04:44:52 PM
How can a fridge 'busts'? It goes on and of all the time to control the temperature? Is this possible? And lights as well? Unless the power is above about 240 volts?