Merit in his madness!

Many a person may criticize the events of the past week in Parliament when a scuffle (brawl, fray. fracas) broke out at the time when the President was challenged to provide answers to the spending of the R 246 million on his private residence under the banner of ‘security upgrades’

The matter at this point in time having been investigated by three ‘independent bodies’ – the interministerial committee, the public protector’s office and the special investigations unit.

As was expected the ministerial committee and the special investigations reports doesn’t pass blame onto Jacob Zuma for the unauthorized ‘upgrades’ but in the Public Protector’s report it being categorically found and stated that Zuma and or his immediate family benefitted from the happenings at Nkandla, and that the President should pay back a substantial amount of the money that was spend on items that are not security related. (“Fire pool, underground parking, visitor’s area, etc”).

This week when the President finally dragged himself to Parliament to answer questions on the matter, he was rightfully confronted by the Economic Freedom Fighters, as he once again wanted to shift blame that the Minister of Police has to decide if and how much he has unlawfully benefitted from the upgrades, and or whether he should be held liable to repay any of the taxpayers money spent.

Amazingly the mandate for this decision is passed on to the Minister who owes his daily bread and appreciation for living in a lap of luxury, to the man that he must now rule against. What a ludicrous situation to even consider such an action to be in any way, lawful, and representative of the true nature of events.

Rightfully so, the opposition members representing the Economic Freedom Fighters, insisted that Zuma should answer to parliament ‘when he would be paying back the money’ which then broke out into total mayhem in the legislature, and the speaker eventually suspending the sitting in that the EFF stood firm by their question, and Zuma, conspicuously sitting quiet in his corner and allowing the speaker to act, whereas the obligation and questions stated and put by the opposition should have been the fact that he was to address. But like he always does, he once again, hid behind the role payers in Parliament to defend him, but when the public protector previously recommended that action be taken against individuals in a report, after having conducted an investigation as a Section 9 Company in terms of the Constitution, Zuma, didn’t waste any time and axed people ad nauseum, yet now when the same investigation and investigator rules that he unlawfully benefitted, he decides that ‘what is good for the goose is not good for the gander (President in this case).

This kind of attitude is selective application of rules and regulations and when he is implicated, the rules and regulations are swayed to distanciate him for any wrong doing, and this he has become an expert at – use the judicial system, as taxpayers are paying the legal fees in any case, to the hilt and in the process delay action indefinitely against him. We have seen this on so many occasions that it has become the norm rather than the exception.

The fact that Julius Malema and his party (EFF) stood up in parliament against him, has been long overdue and we should actually commend them for their actions as the opposition has for the past 20 years basically been denied to act in this manner especially within the decorum of legislature, but the fact that they wanted answers from the man that is being implicated, needs to be asked and answered as a matter of urgency.

This kind of action is not unique to our country, and we have seen and witnessed incidents all over the world where altercations break out in the legislature and assembly of other countries in the world, so maybe this is the way that we should adopt, as we have been manipulated in the past 20 years to just accept anything that is forthcoming and decided upon within the National Assembly and now we have a man and a party, that has absolutely no fear as to what may happen, but simultaneously insist on answers that are long overdue.

Menzi Mnandi Phewa 2014/08/24 04:04:12 AM
Juju is a mental case
Nasser Solomon 2014/08/24 06:42:27 AM
Great article Thulane, I agree with you. Zuma is an ignorant, corrupt, disgusting disaster who should be brought to book and if parliament is brought into disrepute in the process, then so be it!
Lee Kent 2014/08/24 07:34:21 AM
I don't agree with what Zuma is doing in this country and I most certainly don't agree with what Malema is doing. Why is the question not posed to Malema "when are you going to pay back the money" that he owes to SARS. He is quick at pointing fingers at everyone else. Why is he not forced to answer this simple question. WHEN IS MALEMA GOING TO PAY BACK THE MONEY???????????
Thomas Freeman 2014/08/24 09:46:28 AM
Zuma and Malema are cut from the same cloth. Sly, devious and cunning. What we have here is two snakes attacking each other. This could be the passing of the guard to a younger ruthless generation of thugs.
Richard Baker 2014/08/24 10:51:25 AM
I think a large part of the population applauds Malema for his confrontation with Zuma. Its all very well saying that the way he did it 'brings parliament into disrepute' but the damage Malema is doing to parliament is trivial compared to the damage Zuma is doing to this country.
Majaji 2014/08/24 01:10:19 PM
CIC Julius Malema made President Zuma and now he is destroying him. President Zuma made a mistake by undermining the very person who worked over time to put him in power. Only President Zuma can end this mess. President Zuma must apologise to CIC Malema and the others that were expelled from the ANC. CIC Malema EFF will do more harm than what we have witnessed. The ANC is nothing without Nelson Mandela and Julius Malema. You can hate it all you want but a leader is born but not taught.
Yves Sinkgraven 2014/08/24 03:37:06 PM
Anyone who supports ANC needs to be hit in the head as hard as possible with hammer
Yves Sinkgraven 2014/08/24 03:40:29 PM
Politics in SA = choosing between a rat or snake to rule the country
sxp 2014/08/24 08:36:49 PM
I hate the EFF, but sometimes even those you hate can ak the right questions. Zoomer should never be allowed to get away with this theft, nor should any of his corrupt cronies or the ANC. Malema and him can share a jail cell on Robben island for all I care....they can have the one Mandela had.
Maphosa Glorothilda 2014/08/25 08:57:06 AM
What Baleka Mbethe also did was not right. Instead of her protecting the Parliament, she protected Zuma as a President of the ANC. Baleka needs to be reminded of her mandate in Parliament as the Speaker of Parliament not of the ANC. I really don't understand , why people like Gwede Mantashe protect Zuma, they need to be reminded that the money was not stolen by the ANC but by Zuma. Gwede and the MKVA must protect the ANC NOT Zuma as a person. Zuma is a real thug, I remember when he said, ''it's only clever people who are worried about the Nkandla issue'', he definitely deserves Thursday's action by the EFF. Let the world see through those coloured glasses. Well done JUJU, represent the voiceless. I am also saying''PAY BACK THE MONEY''X 1000 0000