New South Africa Entsha

I remember way back in 1993 when I was still at High School. There was this ongoing talk about a New South Africa Entsha. A New South Africa Entsha full with opportunities for everyone. No more poverty. No more racial prejudice. No more unfair land ownership. No more dusty rural areas.
Little did I know that the politicians were on it once again, playing us big time. All activities were carefully planned to benefit the politicians involved. 
Here is what I think happened. The Apartheid government negotiated that they keep the Economy with them and only give away the Tax Money. The Apartheid government and the present democratic government both did not want to go to jail, so they decided to create means to escape jail time. Pity Eugene De Kock "Prime Evil" and Chris Hani were sacrificed in the process.
I am still waiting for my New South Africa Entsha.
Majaji is an Amateur Political Analyst

Wehr Wulf 2014/08/06 08:38:17 AM
Keep waiting. Or get on with it. Help yourself instead of waiting for the government to do something for you.
Neville Watson 2014/08/06 08:42:28 AM
Amateur indeed.
Neville Watson 2014/08/06 08:42:43 AM
What is "entsha"
Enzo Ball 2014/08/06 08:55:48 AM
As with the rest of Africa, the opportunity was created, the people just didn't take it.
MerryMartin 2014/08/06 08:57:30 AM
Majaji, I am amazed that anyone actually believes anything said by politicians. As for "the Apartheid government negotiated that they keep the Economy with them and only give away the Tax Money", for the love of all that is good, grow up a little! You are supposedly an "Amateur Political Analyst", for pity's sake! Stop blaming Apartheid (which has been dead and buried for twenty years, at least!) and get on with the business of cleaning up the government, and making something of the country and yourself. I have no idea of what an "Entsha" is, but from what you have written, I rather suspect it is the expectation of getting everything for nothing.... Welcome to the real world, Majiji - this is the place where you get nothing for nothing and very little for sixpence. This is the place where you are expected to WORK for what you get, not stand in the queue with the begging bowl outstretched.