Not convincingly enough!

Mr Pallo Jordan, for me you just do not want to own you mischievous deeds. There more you try to explain yourself the more you become naked in public eye as just a common crook who was caught in his act because to live a life of lie for thirty years just needs some one like you. Don't make to refer to the book of true about about a sheep from the outside but a hyena in the inside. You once again you undermine our intelligence by lying of not benefiting anything of monetary value from the title. Do you forget that this story only came out after a certain newspaper had appointed you as a Columnist and when licences were asked, for weeks you fail to produce the honourable papers. Now you want to come and tell us about your credentials of the struggle forgetting that for us it is just plain lie kind of life you have been living. I really feel sorry for your children for the embarrassment they might have felt after you lie has been exposed.There only one deduction that I can make about your sorrowful action is that life for has been a bed of roses because everything and those learning institutions you attended them because your Papa was somebody a Professor for that matter. To me why I really value education is because it was only when I was doing my Honours that we interacted with Professors and guess my age, oh you wont believe it, as I was 46 years doing my studies part-time from my junior degree until today at 50 still pursuing my Masters degree.To me Mr Jordan, President Zuma is ten times better than you because he has never made us believe on something that he does not have since I have known him, he has always been a son of a maid with highest qualification of formal education been standard 3 and I have always supported him on those premise and for you I totally don't know how should perceive you as from the time of revelations about qualification standing in the world of Academia and in the coming future. The only thing I ask you to do is bring back the proceeds that you acquired through your misrepresentation of facts about your qualifications. You are a conman that has lied for us for a long time some of us have even envied you as a highly educated somebody in our organization, somebody we perceived as a voice of reason when the AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS was undergoing some turbulence moments in its history we relied on you. Please understand my anger comrade sleepless nights burning the oil of education because I wanted to educated like you. AMEN HOLLY GOD!...                  
Guy M Artist 2014/08/25 02:10:41 PM
wow so much stupid
Craig Sables 2014/08/25 02:22:50 PM
"...sleepless nights burning the oil of education because I wanted to educated like you." You qualify for a refund on your fees.
Deeked De Dose 2014/08/25 03:20:58 PM
Last three words sum it up - Amen Holly God! Originally you kissed under a holly bush, then you kissed below holly's bush, and God is the holly bush..... Who said evolutions doesn't happen?
sxp 2014/08/25 08:45:46 PM
This is but the top of the ANC and "black" iceberg.