Now is the time to save our planet

Let me start off by saying that I am a devout Christian. I firmly believe that we have been blessed by God with this beautiful planet we live on. Some may agree with me, some may not, that's OK. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion but this is fact for me.

Everyday I look outside and I see this brown haze of smog in the distance and the first thought that seems to cross my mind is: "That doesn't have to be there". I see all the reports about conferences over global warming and summits to discuss ways to change it. But the question is, what exactly has been done?

For all the effort that government officials around the world have put in to global warming summits, either they just talk about it and never do anything or they try to implement measures to stop global warming but no one seems to listen. Either way our planet is suffering as a result. In my opinion, what we need to do is take more advantage of the natural renewable resources given to us (such as sunlight, wind and water) and less advantage of the non renewable sources (mainly coal and oil). These substances are destructive to our ozone layer and if we choose not to stop using these items instead of going the natural way, the reality is it will eventually kill us all.

Think about it for a second. Close your eyes and just imagine a world where solar power, wind power and hydro power existed instead of coal and/or oil. Solar/Wind/Hydro-powered cars, buildings, houses, planes, trains, etc. All these things in existence and you'd still be able to look outside and see the most beautiful blue sky and the most amazing views of the countryside or the city and sharing the world with so many incredible species of animals. Disease rates, natural disaster rates that stand at nearly 0.

Temperatures that stay just right, not too hot and not too cold, all year round. Us, living till a ripe old age having had a great life, our children growing up to have a happy successful life with child mortality rates at nearly 0 as well. 

I know some of you might think that I'm talking nonsense and that what I've said may never happen at all but here's the reality, all of this and so much more IS POSSIBLE. We, as humans have the power to make all of this happen. We just need to take the right steps to do so. Make it a law never to litter anywhere and fine those who would break this law, make holidays or theme filled days that involve cleaning up places that already contain litter.

Put heavy restrictions on factories and shift machinery into using natural sources to power them up instead of coal or oil or anything that harms the planet. We have the power to change our world for the better. We just need to use that power. Stop talking about trying to stop global warming and just go out there and stop global warming. Actions speak far louder than words will ever be able to.

I'll be honest, there are times where I feel like I want to take a bulldozer or anything big and destroy factories or anything that harms our beautiful planet but I always resort to solving these problems peacefully. 

Many of the world's problems that we face and already have faced are all connected and/or worsened by global warming. Storms, heatwaves, diseases, etc. Even the current Ebola crisis is connected and/or worsened by the horror of global warming

We have the power to truly shape a magnificent, beautiful world where all of us can live happily and see the marvels of our world for what it truly is and what it truly should be to us. A treasure. The only question is, what is truly stopping us?
Wehr Wulf 2014/09/04 09:09:28 PM
Current renewable technology cannot provide base load power. It is also very expensive, to research, to build, to maintain. People can ill afford their electricity bills in countries where renewable industries are being subsidised. We need a combination of both for now. Climate change is fact, yes I agree. You began with stating your religion, what that has to do with global warming I don't know. Perhaps only to delude the religious into thinking their god will fly in from the sky when the sht finally hits the fan. Or perhaps you know your god is a do nothing god and the reality is it's up to us to save the planet.
John Buang 2014/09/04 09:48:56 PM
We can't change by will, but eventually we will be forced to change.
John Greystoke 2014/09/04 10:36:00 PM
The planet is not about us, it is about the planet - earth. We will be long gone, for whatever reason, but the planet will survive. With new life forms. Life have been destroyed/wiped out before, about every 65 000 000 years this happens. God has nothing to do with this. You and me and Cindy and Michael are just a very small and insignificant happening in the history of the planet. All our preachings and lessons will make no difference to the history of the planet. We are only visitors on the planet, but not for ever!
JP Mhle Ngcongo 2014/09/05 06:50:47 AM
You got good points there although i think they are already in place but failing. With regard to your last question,why dont you u rephrase it and say:"what is stopping God?". Its he who has all the powers, we are just little unworthy creatures.
fredpotgieter 2014/09/05 08:13:01 AM
We are living on this planet as if we have another one to go to.
Hennie de Ruyter 2014/09/05 09:00:18 AM
The most environment friendly way to live is in a high-rise apartment walking distance from work. Stand-alone houses create a huge dependancy on motor vehicles which are one of the most major causes of pollution. Have you moved yet?
Mark Sake 2014/09/05 09:18:11 AM
At least we will still be able to see beautiful blue skies because CO2 is colourless... not sure if we will be able to fix things fast enough with our current economic systems :-(
Bruce Wilson 2014/09/05 01:51:03 PM
Lack of efficient energy storage technology is the single most limiting factor with regard to exploiting renewable energy sources.
Bruce Wilson 2014/09/05 02:14:33 PM
"Many of the world's problems that we face and already have faced are all connected and/or worsened by global warming. Storms, heatwaves, diseases, etc. Even the current Ebola crisis is connected and/or worsened by the horror of global warming" Huh. Give some facts and figures. How much has it warmed? What period are you referring to: start date - end date? How is all this tied in with Ebola virus? ..