Oscar questions


Question: Would an egotistical young man like Oscar (or any such person) conduct a lengthy and heated argument on his stumps?  Would he argue looking up at Reeva?  Would he not put on his prosthetics to gain dominance? 

Question:  Would a self confident young woman run away from a crippled man on stumps?  If so, (because he had a gun) would she run down a dead end passage or down the stairs to her motor car? 

Just asking.

Alex Bax 2014/08/12 01:04:04 PM
Why did she open the window? Why did she not talk back? Why did she scream? Why did she lock the door?
Geel Slang 2014/08/12 01:08:47 PM
I bet Oscar is devastated that he wasted his money on Barry when he could just have hired you.
Nettie Potgieter 2014/08/12 01:14:45 PM
The 4 shots were fired before he used the bat 3 times to open the door, fact. How was Reeva able to scream at all if 3 of the shots were proven to have been fatal, fact.
Mel Wels 2014/08/12 01:51:29 PM
Most ppl take a magazine or book @ 3am to the loo. Oscar takes a gun and shoots 4 x. Even a blind person knows, he shot to kill.
Mel Wels 2014/08/12 01:57:16 PM
OP killed Reeva. Finish n klaar. He knows wot he did. Reeva can't tell us!! Gerrie Nel proved that! 4 bullets!!!
Kimberley Hubert 2014/08/12 02:24:33 PM
Question 2 is, for the lack of a better word, stupid. Despite that, I will answer it. Does self confidence make you immune to fear? Even though he is crippled, he is an athlete in top physical shape. Is it your argument that her selfconfidence would have led her to fight back? If so please do your research on abuse. A lot of seemingly self confident women are victims of abuse. As for not fleeing from the house... if you are fearful, you dont always think clearly and maybe she didn't think that he would shoot her, she might have been hiding from what she thought was only physical abuse. You reasoning doesn't make sense
Colleen 2014/08/12 02:26:23 PM
Bruce Answer: I seriously doubt that there was any two-way heated verbal dialogue by the time Oscar was on his stumps with gun in hand. Running and screaming? Yes. Both of them. One in total fear and the other in anger chasing. Don't forget Oscar's own testimony that he screamed, "Get out of my house! Get out of my f*cking house!!!" People very rarely tell a completely fabricated story when lying. They generally inadvertently take parts of a truth and try to weave it into the lie. He did scream those words by his own admission. But at whom? His testimony is that he was screaming at the 'intruder'.... Answer: Wouldn't you run from an enraged person brandishing a gun - especially if it was you he wanted to use for target practice? You are forgetting that the bedroom door was locked and barred by a bat. In moments of perceived great danger, in a need to hastily escape, most people would opt for the furthest point from the danger known to them, which in this case was behind a locked toilet door in a bathroom. The furthest point immediately accessible to her in that moment of great haste. Running down the stairs would have meant an unacceptable delay for her while she stopped to navigate the bat and unlock the bedroom door - giving Oscar more time to take better aim at her.
Christopher Jonathan Van Rooyen 2014/08/12 04:46:50 PM
everyone is entitled to an opinion, but that does not mean that everyone's opinion is correct. How does this matter affect the lives of people commenting on this site? well it shouldn't so rather focus on the issues in your own life. just saying...
Michael Kleber 2014/08/12 05:48:45 PM
Bear in mind that there were marks on the door which were too low for Oscar to have made had he been on his prosthetics , i am of the opinion that he struck the door once or twice prior to firing the shots whilst still on his stumps , then after firing the bat was nearby and used that to break down the door , on his version the bedroom was pitch dark , how did he find the bat then ?
David Allcock 2014/08/12 06:24:17 PM
sometimes the manner in which one asks and words questions are indicative of the fordrawn conclusions that have been made...therefore they are not really questions at all...more like statements....just saying