Oscar syndrome and Pinocchio's fate.

Goodbye channel 199. May I never see you again, that is, after judgement of course.How sad this story is and how sad it remains.I pleaded numerously to Oscar on this site, to tell the truth.
Now, once the trial had been argued and judgment is set, I ask Oscar and all his followers. How different a fate would he would have had if he did lay the bare truth out there. Confess to a moment of rage, confess to deep seated mental illness that is now evident for the world to see.
I believe Oscar had a bigger destiny, as big a shot he already was in the sports world and the world in general. His destiny was far greater.
Oscar the psychopath and murderer would still have had many people's sympathy, If he had confessed. 
Help would have been arranged and he would be in a better situation.
Clearly, being a world renowned athlete and possibly a psychopath, is a problem. Look what happened to Reeva after all. 
The signals must have been there ages ago, his family is just as complicate for covering it all up.
Now Oscar is relying on the assessment of his defense.
What a weak defense he has had.
No disrespect to Barry and Oldwage, they did as well as they could. To see Barry stretching his arguments in closing was the cherry on the cake.
I  cannot stand people that deny wrong doing.Who cares how serious a matter it is, the more reason to be honest. Honesty sets the liar free. 
The severe tragedy of shooting Reeva is final. 
I do not judge Oscar, how can I? How can anybody?
But can we ignore what Reeva may have gone through that night ?
If she didn't scream as loud as she could, nobody would have heard a word, Just gun shots. Oscar would have been a free man, his defense team was up to the task.
I think he knew he could possibly get away with murder. 
Irony of the matter is, Oscar's case will show the world what a neat and efficient Justice system we have. Where the truth is actually the opposite. Oscar probably received the fairest trial we have had in SA. I dont believe the wheel of justice moves as neat as shown on 199.
Will Oscar and his rich family already have the prison officials oiled to arrange a medical parole in the near future?
I hope not  ...


Mandisa Mpengesi 2014/08/10 08:45:41 AM
i think that we are all glad that now justice has been served and reeva's family can sleep knowing that Oscar will pay the price
RabbleRouser 2014/08/10 09:16:35 AM
You state - "I do not judge Oscar, how can I? How can anybody?" But just did, so you contradicted yourself.
Rob 2014/08/10 09:48:39 AM
If Reeva were my daughter Oscar would already be dead. I would be scot free due to temporary insanity.
Chase Cameron 2014/08/10 12:58:32 PM
I have no respect for the lying murderer and his family who are blaming Nel for what Oscar did. They are a bunch of monsters.
Alex Bax 2014/08/10 01:57:17 PM
The saddest part of this whole story is how we now can see the signs of so many self centered, narcissistic, steroid filled young Oscars that our young ladies will need to cope with
Jolette Meyer 2014/08/10 04:08:17 PM
Kalibanache you seriously need help. "I do not judge Oscar" - Serious? You need to read Pinochio's story before your nose starts growing.
Dudebear 2014/08/12 10:20:41 AM
This a a wonderful article. You do not judge Oscar as so many others have done because of one simple reason, you realise that you are not perfect. The article is articulated to express minimal damage yet the article says a lot that other commenters on News24 simply did not think about. You are a thorough gentleman and I commend you.