People need to think

I am looking for real intellectual contributions (more so from pro Palestinians) as I am a Zionist and feel that the only way to resolve all this hatred and fighting is through discussion.

I want to discuss 2 major points in this article: Israel being accused of being an Apartheid state, and that Zionism is seen by pro Palestinians as a 'violent political/ religious system.

I was a youngster when apartheid ended in our country; I was not even aware of it until I learnt about it in school. What I learnt is that, solely because of a persons race, they were forced to live in a certain area, forced to use separate amenities, forced to a lesser education. were not allowed to have any meaningful jobs and had to have an identification card on them at all times. They could not vote either. I'm sure this doesn't cover all the atrocities imposed onto our people.

 In Gaza, people are citizens with passports, who (contrary to the media propaganda) are allowed to travel freely between Gaza and Israel- granted this has been affected by individuals who want to terrorise the Israelis, but even today there are Arab Jews living in Israel as free as you and me. Besides for their own governments closed mindedness, the people of Gaza can freely be educated in universities in Gaza, can learn to swim in an Olympic sized swimming pool, or go to the zoo to see animals. They can choose what work they want to do. 

Gaza is its own state- they have their own government (democratically elected but there have been no elections since) and the fate of their citizens is solely their responsibility, yet Israel and America continually fund and donate food, medicine and building materials to them. Civilians injured in wars between Israel and Hamas are treated by Israeli doctors and nurses and every effort is made by Israel to limit the civilian casualties during wars.

If you don't believe what I am saying, then at least find the logic that in having universities, businesses, schools, hospitals, Olympic sized swimming pools, zoos, voting, and decent homes to live in that Gaza cannot be an Apartheid state...

There is 1 organisation that solely calls for the destruction of the other and it is not Israel...

Zionism is simply the belief that Israel has the right to exist- thats it; nothing about religion, race or anything else!
I was in Israel about 5 years ago and was amazed at the cultural diversity- they take refugees from Africa, they have Asians, Greeks, Russians- It is very similar to how South Africa is today in that people are allowed to freely exist and express themselves. Is that what all these protests are trying to fight??

Logically- Hamas is a branch of ISIS and given the chance, they will do the same as the ISIS is doing in Syria and Iraq.. Is that what you're supporting instead of a free society??

If Hamas had to desroy Israel, do you think they would stop there?? Its in their charter to kill all non Muslims. Is that right?? 

Again, this is solely for constructive criticism and discussion, I know that I don't know everything and want to understand better.
Alfred Perl 2014/08/19 10:40:31 PM
I would like to add that Hamas has violated each of the ceasefires even when they requested it. The world need to understand that the word "rational" does not exist in Hamas charter. Hamas is a terror organization with little difference to ISIS. They had a chance to build a little Singapore when Israel pulled out from Gaza. There was a seaport and an airport between 2005-2007 and Billions of dollars were pouring in to Gaza. Instead to spend the money on building Singapore they invested everything in "Rockets" and fire them at Israel 13,000 of them in the last nine years.
JMaree 2014/08/19 11:25:59 PM
Sorry to be blunt, but I don't care much for Israel or Palestine. Both sides have done horrible things, but please answer my questions? I honestly would like your opinion on them... Do you think the war will still be going if Israel didn't keep building settlements on Palestine territory? What do you think SA's people should do if say Botswana was the bigger and stronger country and was taking parts of SA, while kicking us out of those areas? Would you "terrorise" Botswana if that was the only thing you could do?
Tanja Hart Mavric 2014/08/20 07:52:42 AM
It's so simple from both sides but to the outside, it's a massive balls-up
Tasneem Parker 2014/08/20 08:09:43 AM
Next time you go to Israel please spend a week in Gaza and the West bank.. visit the zoo, do some hectic laps in the swimming pool , bask in the sun while eating a cheese sandwich... life is good