Petrol bombs, Californication and America

Last two weeks have seen the smoke and dust arise from the smashed barricades of the unfortunates, as that modest town east of the great cosmopolitan metropolis of Johannesburg, burns – the nation does not take notice. But in this seemingly unimportant civil strife lies the future of the nation’s heart.

In my quaint little town, called eMalahleni, the last two weeks have seen the unfortunates rise in anger and protestation, against the great evils that infest this nation, and more subtlety, yet more importantly, I believe they are communicating frustrations of the unspeakable kind – the failure of Democracy and our Ideals. As the masses of unfortunates slowly awake from mirages and hope induced fantasies, they are seeing the reality of troubles in our nation.  

In 1992, 1994 and what we reaffirmed in 1996, is our believe in democracy, constitutionalism and dualism of the Westerner to be compatible and brotherly to the African. But 20 years later, the cracks of the misguided and naively stupid compromise is rushing at us like Impala, trying to break our resolve, then watch us shatter to the four directions of the winds. Somehow, more and more of the bruised, battered and bloodied are no longer afraid of the bountifully sprayed bullet and heavy handed baton. It is only matter of time before death does not scare any more…

As our nation, cosmopolitans, provinces, towns, villages, clans, families, bonds and soul tear apart, we are slowly realizing the doomed compromise. The West is dying, her sciences are slowly reaching their climaxes (I will write article about the sciences in few days; because how does the intellectual like to complain), her land is receding, her economy is declining, her people are becoming peoples and her might is broken. She [the West] has lost the will to live, yet we made fatal pact with her, to share her knowledge, her wealth, her pride and her future but ultimately we will die with her.

Can we not already see the lack of desire to live among the ”Westerners”, their atheism and worldly [nihilism, materialism] desires, lameness and rationality yet the African imports his deathly ideals full heartedly. Where once we all had the bastion of tradition, family and clan to fall back on, by “progressive” laws and the rationality of the West, they have been corroded, debased and rationalized. How can a man live when his wife lacks faithfulness, his family does not care, his son plans his murder, his traditions are backward and his God/Gods/Ancestors are no more?

 “The structure of history is, however, cyclical not evolutionary. It is far from being the case that the most recent civilizations are necessarily «superior». They may be, in fact, senile and decadent.” – Julius Evola, on American ''Civilization''

I believe these protesters in my town are sensing and feeling the decline of the West. I don’t believe things will get better in the future. They will get progressively worse and worse as the rot spreads and body decays to mere bones. It is futile to try to save what is left of the “West”. Apparently their culture is inferior, the old ways are baseless and traditions are useless. It is time to break with that. It is not time to look to the North (Africa), East (China, Russia and India) or West. But ultimately to ourselves.

Yes, you read me, it is not in far off places where we will ultimately find the solutions to our problems, but with our own people. There might be time in the future when we might have our own time to rise, but that is not now. Now, we face decline in the shadows of the West, as her economy stumbles on and her intellect wanes, we merely push forward. Things will get worse for our people, the nation would either disintegrate or we will get our Zuma’s that try to ride a sinking ship.

Let us, as all the peoples, unite as one people, and slowly create new culture, not dependent on the West or resorting to Africanism, but instead be rejection of both. Instead let us work to become something new. Neither African, nor European, but something more. Let the brave few work towards that. Let the rest follow their “Western” and “African” illusions.

For ultimately it is what the people long for, it is ultimately what the people want, yet it is not what they think they desire. It is the unspoken conflict in the heart of my little town.

If anyone is interested in gaining a border perspective on what I am talking about, please try to read the following books: The decline of the West by Oswald Spengler, Ride the Tiger a Survival Manual by Julius Evola, A Man among the Ruins by Julius Evola and The Social contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Fullmoon Up 2014/08/18 03:32:18 PM
just another finger pointing article...its not our fault it's the west, blah blah fking blah...looooser!!!
Deeked De Dose 2014/08/18 03:36:46 PM
WTF? So are you saying that the African nations are on the rise? if so , where.... The Orientals are definitely on the up, the Latinos from South America are on the up, the Eurpoeans are still wasting their money trying to keep Africa going, and the Americans are becoming a bunch of recluses that will destroy anything that is a bit different to them.. Africa is still in free fall (as per the past 2000 years) so are you sure it is not just a "dead cat bounce"?
John Greystoke 2014/08/18 04:48:31 PM
What is important is to embrace capitalism, to create wealth for oneself, however slowly! We will never be 'one race'. Same economic groups flock together. Perhaps?
SADude 2014/08/18 07:41:38 PM
Your article is extremely poorly written and terribly ill informed. Those people who are protesting in your town (and everywhere else in South Africa), are the result of a growing sense of entitlement that seems to have gripped every person in this country who feels that they no longer need to work hard because the sins of the past must be paid back to them. The bottom line is this: If you want something in this life, you have to earn it. There is no such thing as free electricity, free housing, free jobs or free education. Somewhere along the line somebody is paying for that. People in this country have forgotten that what you put into life is what you get out. As long as you rely on the imbeciles that you voted for to provide you with everything for free, the longer you will remain subjugated by that very same government, and you only have yourself to blame. This has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with "the west", or "africanism", or anything like that. It has to do with lazy people who or too stupid to know that the same people they vote for are the same people who oppress them.
Andre Wagener 2014/08/18 07:59:13 PM
So tell me sonny, how are you going to feed millions of people if you revert to the stone age?
Justanother Numty 2014/08/18 08:07:00 PM
FFP, Nice article. I do think that us South Africans can rise above our pathetic differences and forge a strong nation. I do think, however it is going to take a huge departure from what the majority of South Africans perceive to be quality leadership and heaven forbid, adopt the values that the rest of the world's successful democracies require as leaders. It seams that things like INTEGRITY, HONESTY, ACCOUNTABILITY and COMPETENCY have no baring on the tribal ideals of leadership. Do you want to stun the white minority into silence? Then for once, choose LEADERS instead of NUMBWITS.
CyberMatix 2014/08/18 08:41:31 PM
You tend to blame the "west" for all your problems. You do understand that democracy, freedom of speech, religion, education, ability to reach your potential, cars and the internet are all western concepts. You don't seem to blame your corrupt, inept and racist government for anything. That democracy keeps in power. That is implementing a socialist agenda on the country while stealing a lot of the people's money for themselves. That had 20 years to improve your lot but didn't, apparently. How can your townspeople be so unhappy with their lot? After all they voted in the government that is responsible for their misery. They had other choices but they made the wrong choice, and instead of blaming themselves they blame the west? And by the "west" you really mean the "whites" don't you? OK, so give us your plan to improve things. And if you can convince me we can start a political party that will implement this plan. Unless your plan excludes democracy of course. Then we just convince most of the people to vote for us and Bob's your Uncle. So how about it?