Prayers for rhinos

Last week , Unite against Poaching had the privilege of talking to a group of young people in Skukuza about the rhino poaching crisis facing us all. These primary school children were so enthusiastic and committed to doing all they can to help in the fight against Poaching. The meeting was hosted in the actual church in Skukuza staff village.

Their cheerful voices singing praise were an awe inspiring background to the image of a life size rhino standing at the alter in their church.  The poignancy of the image that our rhinos may need divine intervention to survive did not escape us. Hearing these young voices singing and seeing their passion and dedication to this fight against poaching was a true inspiration.

This fight against poaching and has been taken up by racial groups across the spectrum, encompassing the various religious convictions and social groups.  We certainly do need to make our voices heard and remain vigilant to any suspicious activity. Together we can certainly make a difference.

This visit, to the centre of the poaching crisis, speaking to children whose very lives are affected by the poaching crisis every day, has certainly made me so much more determined to intensify efforts to make a difference wherever we can.

You too can make a difference; visit our website and “Take Action”

Wehr Wulf 2014/09/04 01:30:44 PM
How many rhinos did your prayers save this week?
JP Mhle Ngcongo 2014/09/04 04:41:57 PM
Well i don't think prayer will help them hey. Tougher sanctions by government might do. Perhaps life sentence for the poachers.
Antipoach 2014/09/04 04:52:25 PM
Thanks for all the comments. @ Atheist, thanks for the spelling correction :) The prayers were not meant to specifically save the rhino. The enthusiasm and concern for the rhinos from these children was inspirational. They all have parents working in the park and are faced with the threat of poachers to their family on a daily basis. Unite against Poaching invests millions of Rands each year in support of the rangers in the field, to ensure they have the correct equipment and skills to fight this onslaught. We cannot quantify the number of rhino we have saved, but if we do not intervene, how many more would be lost? This is not a once off venture but an ongoing one. Check out the website to see how we spend our funds. Thanks for the comments and banter :)
Bruce Wilson 2014/09/04 06:01:52 PM
@ Geel Slang Maybe a prayer and a sacrifice of a Parktown Prawn. (We don't want to endanger the warthogs now, do we?) ..