Racial Discrimination even when renting?

Today i was shocked to find that many of the older generation is still extremely race aware. 

We are looking for new property to rent and found a beautiful house that seemed perfect. Upon contacting the owner he informed us that we should drive there and let him know when we arrived.

Once we arrived we phoned him. What happened next we did not see coming. He told us that unfortunately he does not rent property to "koelie's".

I am white. My partner is an Indian female. I asked him what is he implying. He said, that only white people have to capacity and capabilities to look after property and that Indian and black people are inferior to whites.

However he did not use the term Indian or Black. He used a derogatory K word.

I find it sad to a degree. But i think mostly it enrages me that someone could still be so narrow minded and racist in this time and age.

Personally its things like this that makes me wish we still lived in a time where you could assault someone without going to court.
Deeked De Dose 2014/08/18 03:02:18 PM
Sadly, this is true....(about the racism in rentals), however, surely as it is the guys property, he has the right to rent it to whom he wishes? I was declined a few times, but in hindsight, it is not the worst thing to have happened.... Guys like that tend to be so freaking anal, he will be inspecting the place every 5 minutes...
Wehr Wulf 2014/08/18 03:07:36 PM
Count your blessings. You don't want to rent from a tosser like that.
Daisy Jones 2014/08/18 03:11:06 PM
You should have laughed at him.
FatherChristmasConscience 2014/08/18 03:15:32 PM
Isn't it a beautiful example of a person exercising his ownership's right over his own property? Nobody will tell me what to do with my money and my house, honey; and there is my shotgun, if anybody would dare. Capitalism is oh so beautiful.
Michael Kleber 2014/08/18 03:20:43 PM
I guess he can choose who he rents his property to but a bit more diplomacy would make things a bit better
Zukisani Jack-Sparrow M 2014/08/18 03:28:26 PM
His property, his rules!
Malcolm MacLeod 2014/08/18 03:48:52 PM
Agree with the other posters, it is sad that some still think like this, but probably not worth getting worked up about. Let him pick his tenants on the wrong criteria, and inevitably probably get less rent and/or conned by them, it is his choice to make, even if it is a poor one.
Joe Black302 2014/08/18 04:01:15 PM
Hard to teach an old dog new tricks.
Wessel 2014/08/18 04:39:04 PM
Good riddance, you dont want to give your hard earned money to this asswipe.
Billiebee 2014/08/18 06:04:42 PM
I cannot blame him for being overly harsh even if he was racially skew. People pay the deposit then it takes a court case to remove them. Others just do not look after the property break cupboards and alarms. The worst are those that steal the fittings knowing the police are not interested.