Respect is not earned.

Why are people say respect is earned? So you do not need to respect someone because they do not do that to you? Is that Bible inspired or a way of man to indulge in their own selfish desires? Well you may put an argument that the Bible says we must do unto others as we would want them do unto us, which is true enough yet the scripture says we not to render evil with evil but rather with good. You see that argument, twisting scripture cannot really work because it never said: "Do unto others as they do to you", Note the difference.

This is the character of Christ- that he loves everyone irrespective of their position, and also does not condone the wickedness which they perform. Paul speaking of wives would say ,"Wives respect your husbands" not "Wives respect your husband IF they only love you." Insulting because you feel insulted does not reflect that beauty Christ. Maybe this idea of "Respect is earned" is just some worldly excuse of not rendering pure service of love to fellow men.

We are commanded to love our fellow man, even when they hate you. To pray for them which purposefully use you and persecute. This is the example of the Begotten of the Father, Christ Jesus. He who when his enemies wrongfully accused Him did not fight back, but all that he did was to commit everything to the hands of the everlasting God. Are you having problems with loving your enemies? Problems with forgiving and respecting they who mistreat you or talk evil of you? It may be at your home or even at your work place you at now. But behold, The Lamb of God! He calls you to lay down your burdens to Him, for he cares for you. Come to him with the heavy burdens, and rest he will give you of your souls. Click TLG Ministries.

NormalCitizen 2014/09/03 07:32:48 AM
I can promise you that if your wife did not respect you, she would not be your wife. So yes you earned her respect before she said yes when you popped the question. you talk circles.
MerryMartin 2014/09/03 07:47:05 AM
Tlho, there is a difference between being courteous and having respect. Yes, we can be courteous, and we should be wherever possible. But respect is earned... I will not respect someone just because they hold a certain office, for example - I might have respect for the OFFICE, but not necessarily the person. I will however try to be courteous, if I can, to the person holding that office. As for "wives, respect your husbands"... how about this - Husbands, earn the respect of your wife, and wives, earn the respect of your husband, and then we can all be happy????
still faithless 2014/09/03 07:59:15 AM
"The Lamb of God" Siriru has a great recipe for the roasting of said lamb, and if you add this saucy word sosatie, you can really have a great bible braai.
Wehr Wulf 2014/09/03 08:16:10 AM
Think carefully what respect means and whether you're happy to dish it out to anyone willy nilly. Don't confuse it with politeness, courtesy and kindness, everyone is entitled to the benefit of those initially. But respect is the next level and that has to be earned.
Hannes En Brianda Barnard 2014/09/03 08:45:00 AM
Respect in my view is lost not earned
Tlhologelo Desire Magolela 2014/09/03 08:53:21 AM
You have to understand that the standards of God are not of the same level of those of man. e.g. The world may tell you that you allowed to drink alcohol at a certain age, but God says Never. The governments may say you may divorce your wife or husband, but God says only can you if that wife or husband is caught in adultery.
John Neilson 2014/09/03 10:12:38 AM
@ Tiho "Well you may put an argument that the Bible says we must do unto others as we would want them do unto us," if someone does unto me, then that is what he wishes me to do unto him, I am merely following that line of thinking but giving the other person the opening gambit. if a person is rude to me then that is what they want me to be to them, no?
Johnny B Goode 2014/09/03 12:16:37 PM
And what of love, is that also not earned? Please elaborate inspired one.
SunshinyDay 2014/09/03 03:59:37 PM
Of course respect is earned. If someone treats me badly, give me once reason why I should respect them? I won't be rude back, but they are as heck aren't going to be in my good books and they can forget about having my respect.