Road Rage on the Rise

 Every year, a number of South Africans get involved in accidents or even get killed due to aggressive driving.  Road rage has come up to be one of the serious issues in the country as it seems that drivers are angry on the road.  This rage emanates from changing lanes improperly, failure to remain in the right of way and unnecessary speeding just to name a few.

Another cause of road rage could be that one of someone texting or talking on their cellphone, which results to distraction to the point that they swerve to other lanes and possibly cause an accident or really evokes emotions of rage from other drivers on the road. Lungile Mthembu, a first time driver was taken by surprise while she was driving her brand new car, “it was like an attack from a stranger, because here I was enjoying my first ride of my brand new car only to witness this anger amongst drivers,” she said.

Mornings and evenings are the peak times when the rage happens the most because it’s either drivers are rushing to work or they are driving back home just to be home in time for dinner. With all these frustrations from different people on the road, it is hard for drivers to hold back their aggression. Even the most patient person tends to lose it.

A recent incident which serves as a road rage example is that one between the Porshe and VW Polo drivers. This rage assault occurred on Witkopen Road, Fourways, Johannesburg where the Porshe driver was caught on camera by an eyewitness as he assaulted the Polo driver by kicking on the car and even going to the extent of punching him just as he had rolled down the window. This attack occurred after the Porshe driver had been driving recklessly and cutting people of as he was driving.

Within days since the Porche rage encounter, another incident of road rage also in Gauteng, was reported. This time, a 65 year old man was punched in the face by a motorist countless times after the 65 year old had accidentally bumped into the motorist’s vehicle.

With these incidents happening so simultaneously, it is hard for one to avoid the seriousness of this rage on the roads.  Avoiding road rage is not difficult.   Drivers should just abide by the rules of the road, this could be by driving the speed limit, obeying traffic signs and signals and using turn signals when possible.  

Bradley Kecskes 2014/08/11 01:31:57 PM
Ever notice when some one has their flicker/indicator on to get into a lane...the person in the next lane tries their up most to speed up and block them out...I do not get it, South Africans are very angry people...shame really. We need respect for one another on the roads which in turn would make it a better and safer place for all. I also notice it has a a lot to do with"I drive a GTI or Hilux"(no not stereotyping here(;) So I do what I want mentality but once the little pri** is out the car he becomes just that...a lil' pric*.
Wehr Wulf 2014/08/11 01:57:52 PM
More police presence would lessen road rage incidents. Not that the cops may do anything but you never know so you behave.
SunshinyDay 2014/08/11 02:12:40 PM
A few weeks ago I hooted at a guy who sped through a red robot on his phone (just as I was starting to go forward). His reaction was to throw me the middle finger. That is the mentality we are dealing with, people who break the law and are still arrogant about it. Sadly people like that don't change until it's too late. I used to know a guy who was in three car accidents in the couple of years we were acquaintances and all three times were car accidents (once even in his bosses car, drinking on the job). Again, we are dealing with people who think they are invincible.
Rohin 2014/08/11 03:59:14 PM
if everyone just stopped driving so selfishly then the chore that is traffic might be more pleasant to all of us.
Jennifer Frazer 2014/08/11 05:21:32 PM
This is mainly a result of no law and order and nobody being compelled to accept liability for their actions. Lack of discipline will eventually crumble any structure, as is evidenced all around this country.