SCAM - Beware

Today I got an sms from FNB requesting me to confirm if I was aware of a debit order for R99.99 (Ref 4ACE or something) done on my account. I quickly went into my account and checked. True, on the 29th of August this transaction had gone through. I quickly called FNB and requested for this DO to be stopped and reversed, albeit at a cost of R15. They gave me the details of the campany that did the transaction,  Statcol, who apon verification referred me to another company called Premier Attraction, who after a few calls, pretending not to hear me, they took my details and promised to come back to me in 48 hours and to reverse the transaction if they findout that they "incorrectly" debited me.

I asked these people and they told me they sell "Debit cards" and other "discount" products. I never spoke to any of their consultants before, neither have i agreed to any contract with them.

My question is where did they get my bank details from? Are bank employees not working in cahots with these people? The transaction amount does not send me an sms notification. I urge everyone out there to check your transactions periodically as these people might be debiting your account without your knowledge.
Chris May 2014/09/02 12:53:07 PM
Thanks Mkanya - you are right, it is below the sms level. In fact, I am going to go into my branch and ask them to make a note on my account that no debit orders are allowed at all. Thanks.
Johan 2014/09/02 01:01:58 PM
Mkanya it happened to me as well and I'm a Nedbank client.
SilverBack 2014/09/02 01:07:55 PM
Yip, I just found out that an entire vodacom account had been opened using my id number and bank details... How did they get the details??? How did vodacom authorise the signatures,paperwork etc etc etc??? luckily it was only R800...first debit was only R52. thanks for article
Liz Rudy 2014/09/02 02:35:54 PM
I have had the same experience with FNB. They could not care less. The refuse to reverse the debits but still charge you for it. Good luck trying to stop a debit order, which is why I do not do debit orders anymore
Alan December 2014/09/02 03:04:22 PM
Happened to me to. Got called by FNB who informed me of the DO. Told them to reverse and block. Rather lose R15 than 99.99 every month.