School kids protesting and looting in the CBD

I was on Joubert street when suddenly a large group of school kids came marching vandalizing and looting the street vendor's stock. The group then went to Ghandi square and marched along Marshal street where they invaded one of the Somali's shop and broke the windows and assaulted the owner whilst others made of with braai packs, mealie mealie, cool drinks.

The shop owner was rescued when some random guy fired shots to disperse the kids.

The kids then proceeded in the direction of Doorfontein and along they way they continued looting most notably looting at the computer shop and vandalize the windows and property inside, the shop owner was rescued by a female metro cop who couldn't do anything either.

Then group then passed UJ DFC campus and went to Hillbrow. Some kids had in their possessions plasma screens, laptops, crates full of looted items as they were passing by. They then went to Park station where they were confronted by a heavy presence of police who guided them to the trains which they boarded for free with the stolen items they had with them.  
Wehr Wulf 2014/07/30 06:31:31 PM
Mongo unhappy. Mongo break.
Natalie Wooding 2014/07/30 06:43:53 PM
geepers.... this is scary stuff! the kids are just going crazy. what a future nation we have.
Irukandji 2014/07/30 06:44:18 PM
Born free! Free to rob, loot, vandalise, trash, and destroy! These pee pool are the leedas of tomorrow. Mandela's true legacy.
ANTI 2014/07/30 06:48:57 PM
Iz da wey of freedom. Iz my rite. Iz da futcha!
James Smythe 2014/07/30 06:55:24 PM
So the cops actually helped them get away with then loot - why am I not surprised? Only in the ANC lunatic asylum!
Erna Westdyk 2014/07/30 07:03:01 PM
Makes you wonder why they weren't arrested for stealing? It actually makes you wonder about a lot of things people get away with in SA!
Bruwer 2014/07/30 07:04:11 PM
Thank you for your eye witness report , this will not be reported in mainstream media , bloody criminals
Andre Wagener 2014/07/30 07:19:52 PM
In the model democracy of the US of A you will be shot if you loot.
Hendrik Breed 2014/07/30 08:40:32 PM
OMG, we are well and truly F8cked! Juliass jnr & co in the making!
Jake Dunkerley 2014/07/31 12:35:58 AM
Something is profoundly wrong with society when school children think it is ok to loot at will, that they have the right to take without earning, without paying just plain STEALING. Nothing in life is free, not today, not tomorrow at some point they need to understand this.