Thank you for the call

I submitted an article yesterday, which wasn't published, so I assume it might have been due to the crude language and the fact that I mentioned the company's name (I might have insulted it/them as well) or whatever.

So here is my polished version :

I received a call from a company selling clothes.  Let's say the store's name rhymes with Poschini... As a matter of fact, I received three phone calls in the month of July, offering a magazine at the cost of R20something...

Now, this doesn't even average a call a week, so why am I a "little bit irritated"?  Well each of these calls came after 19h30 in the evening.  Usually the time I'm getting my kids settled in for the night.  Despite making it abundantly clear, in the very first call, that I was absolutely not interested in a magazine filled with nothing but clothes and offers, the second and third call still came.

I handled the first two calls as politely as possible (seeing as these people are just doing their jobs), but the third call had me telling the "caller" exactly what she could do with her company's magazine.

My advice to this company :

You are p*ss*ng people off.  Don't phone them after 16h00, in fact don't call us at all.  Have this option available in-store.  Or if you HAVE to phone, do it once, and make a very clear note that the person you have phoned once, twice, THREE times (which had me acting like three times a drunken hill billy and not a lady) is not interested. 

Ii would like to see the statistics about how many people actually subscribe as a result of these phone calls.  The financials involved with these calls and the money earned as a result of people accepting these telephonic offers.  Does it make any sense, financially?

Unlike my unpublished article, I will end this decently.  Thank you for the phone calls, but I am not interested.

Sunett Reyneke 2014/08/12 03:31:49 PM
Haha!! I received similar phone calls, from a different company. These calls came sometime around 8pm, three calls in two weeks. I tried to explain to the gentleman (first call) that now is a bad time, I'm busy putting the kids to bed. Not interested, don't call again, thanks. I handled it pretty well when the second call came later that week - bad timing, not interested anyway, please don't call again. But totally lost it with the third call which came just after 8:30. Colourful choice of words, and at a bit (lot) higher volume seemed to get the message across. Don't bug me between 5pm and 8am. I think a lot of people feel the same.
Grant Noble 2014/08/12 03:54:37 PM
The solution is simple Kimberley. You answer the phone. Listen to them doing their little skit on the phone, tell them to please hold and see how long they are holding on. After five minutes tell them congrats, they have won the privilege to call you again and then you put the phone down.
Mary Couster 2014/08/12 04:01:23 PM
I know these agents are only trying to earn some money so I always try to be polite....but when they ignore my polite "no thank you", I simply leave the phone on the table and they can talk to themselves...
Leigh-Rose Jenkins 2014/08/12 04:41:39 PM
Obviously companies who you currently hold accounts with have access to your information and will no doubt contact their clients when new products, etc are available. That makes sense. However, getting calls from call centers working for businesses that I have never even HEARD of, let alone given any details to is, as far as I'm concerned, an absolute infringement on the privacy agreements most contracts come with. I thought companies selling their clients details was an illegal practice - and if it isn't, it bloody should be! The barrage of sms's is also a pain in the back side, and whatever you do, DON'T sms "stop to 12341 (whatever) to opt out" apparently they take that as a sign to send you MORE messages!
Balstrome 2014/08/12 04:48:01 PM
The best I have found to deal with these types of calls is once you understand that they are making a sales pitch, put the phone down next to the cradle. Do not hang up on them, let them waste their time and money talking to your table. Check back every five minutes to see if they have hung up.
Goeie Donner 2014/08/12 05:37:27 PM
I always get these calls from companies with names that rhymes with mashua mobile, wodacom, NTM, Cell See, Melk Hom etc. wanting to sell me a cell phone. They phone me on my CELL PHONE, then try to sell me a CELL PHONE. Even wodacom whom I have a business contract with does it. WTF?
lacrimosewolf 2014/08/12 07:46:13 PM
Yep. I'm called at least once a month by the same company you mentioned. Always after 7pm. Often on a Friday night. They also call me to sell me mobile phones and children's items. You're right, it's no the caller's fault. It's the MARKETING TEAM's fault. After 3 years of telling people I do not have children, I have a contract phone, I do not want insurance, prepaid voucher specials, etc, you'd think someone somewhere would have updated their records. Incompetence and inefficiency eventually make people very rude and resorting to 'phone-rage. Some of the ploys posted above are not a solution - they WILL call you back and they WILL sell your erroneous data to more marketers. You will be tormented even beyond the grave. Yep, my friend had to field such a call to her deceased mother's phone on the day of the funeral - and for 18 months until the estate was wound up and she could legally terminate the number
Warwick Railton 2014/08/13 07:05:03 AM
And never answer PRIVATE numbers, always a salesman trying to sell you some crap!