The Black BEE rainbow nation

There has been a big outcry about some young so called privileged white girls dressing as black workers. This has been called racism by some and harmless fun by some.

Now let me explain some of the black racism that is happening now to the whites. Jobless whites are not even allowed to apply for work because they white. Students cant get into university courses because they are white.

Small entrepreneurs cant tender or apply for work cause they are white. So much for the rainbow nation. That is if the rainbow only has shades of black can I call it the rainbow nation. 

Before all the haters both Black and White pick up sticks and hunt me down like I am the monster in Frankenstein I will clarify my claims.

White male in his forties, retrenched due to labour strikes crippling the business he was in, starts applying for work.

Blacks only

He has over twenty years experience, willing to mentor, willing to start at the bottom once again. He has a wife working, young girl (21) unemployed with a young child to support. Only to be told yes the position is open to all BUT they don't want whites. He now faces loss of his house, he has lost all his life savings and will be on the street soon. 

Now lets look at the entrepreneur. Faces with no job prospects the guy decides to go it alone after all these years he has work with the large companies he thinks he can make a difference. He has a product, he has skill, he is willing to negotiate a better deal for his prospective clients.

The proposal is cheaper than his competitors better planned and he is sure he can deliver on or before the dead line. BUT wait, he does not have a black partner, no figure head he has paid to be the face of his company like his competitors. His proposal is not even considered. The project is now behind and costs are escalating but the black consortium that got the job is still on site.

Born free

Lastly the young "born free". She is busy with her last year in school, not top of the class but doing very well, top ten in the grade, in a mixed government school. One of the top sports girls that has represented South Africa, so an all round hard working student. Her dreams are to be a veterinarian.

Dad is worried about funds but willing to do what he need to for his girl. They approach the university to see if she can get in. The good news is her grades are great, she does qualify for the course. The bad news is due to quota systems she can not follow her dreams. Now a black student with lower marks has to be accepted because our young born free is WHITE.

So when people start shouting about whites being racist, look in the mirror and see the race hate that is out there. If we want to grow this country then the rainbow has to show all colours Black and White and every colour in between. Only then can I be proud to be a member of the rainbow nation. 
John Greystoke 2014/08/08 08:54:24 PM
So true. The majority are protected against the minority, only in SA!
Wehr Wulf 2014/08/08 09:45:15 PM
Totally spot on and hence the sickness that is this racist cesspit of a country. Only those with jobs don't see how hard it is for others to find work especially when they are white and blacks wonder why whites don't want to play along. Black apartheid is as unacceptable as white apartheid. This country has no future if it continues along this path which it will because 62% of the beneficiaries of black apartheid approve. To whites, Indians et all who have had enough, get out if you can, take your skills and money with you and leave the b@stards supporting this racist system behind to face the music.
Seek Anfind 2014/08/08 09:46:42 PM
I am a white male working in a clinic in a township. I got the job because my skill set is scares and I went in wanting to make a difference. my supervisor is less qualified than me (which is ok). I get told I work too hard and I make them look bad. because I work hard I get to see more patients than they do.. then I get told that its because im white and I think im better (still can't get their logic). I have staff members make fun of me in zulu. . I dont get greeted regardless of the fact that I greet my colleagues each morning. when I make a suggestion I get told I think like a stupid white man.. when I ask for help I get ignored. . but...I dare not call them racist!
Mally Gee 2014/08/08 09:57:10 PM
Great article Mav. Also worth mentioning is the 67 black-only businesses, clubs and organizations still fully active in SA which all but 5 exclude whites without exception. Imagine if whites opened a whites only organisation!
Ras Jah Moolka Selassie 2014/08/08 10:05:34 PM
Let me just put it straight, as long as ANC is still in power , this country won't get anywhere, i'm saying this because these guys are pushing Nepotism, racism, colourism, corruption etc etc, they are all out to revenge against whites, whenever a white men gives or warn them bout wrongs they do, they simple change the subject n say the men has called them "K" so to shift the blame, n sommar there place a commision to deal with the non-existing matter, when a black man is friend with a white man they call u a sellout, our country is going backward instead of going forwad, blacks are very good in talking n pointing, but when coming to action of doing the right thing its a chaos, they promise people heaven n earth n when they fail to deliver they start blamming apartheid, now when will they blame themselves for their blunders n lies? May the truth be told, Jah rastafari Guide
Neale Ashton Ture Rundgren 2014/08/08 10:46:45 PM
The only people who will attack you are those who willingly defend these unconscionable and unjust policies. Most minorities will agree with you, as we're getting increasingly frustrated with such pernicious implementations, which does more of a disservice to this country's economy than anything else.
Daryn Molenaar 2014/08/08 10:57:40 PM
Judge me on things that I have done not on things which I had no part in choosing like my sex, my colour, my parents or my school.
Kiwi 2014/08/09 04:04:41 AM
When the reality dawns on the 'rainbow nation multiculturalism theorists'..that it can never work, never will work, and never worked in human history, then we can draw boundaries and land in a federation, where each nation within SA can live and thrive without interference with racist politicians, and backward evil ancestral culture.
Michael Kleber 2014/08/09 07:36:59 AM
The nats did it and now the ANC are doing it , we as the blacks did during apartheid must not keep quiet about it , the wrong generation is being punished , the oppressed has become the oppressor
Tertius Kleyn 2014/08/09 10:20:46 AM
This will never stop under the current government. They are enabling and encouraging the general feeling among blacks that they ALONE have the right now to everything because they didnt have anything during apartheid. No matter if you as a white had anything to do with apartheid 20/30 years ago or not... Therefore, I do not see any future for whites in South Africa. That is why I left South Africa over a year ago, and all I can say it is nice not to be subjected to all the crime, hate, racism and bee that I endured the past 20 yrs of my adult life in South Africa. I am grateful I had the opportunity to leave and will never return. Outside of South Africa I can compete on an even playing field when it comes to jobs. And most importantly, my family is safe and my daughter will have an equal opportunity for education when she grows up. I wish there was a simple, viable solution for this mess in South Africa, but I cant see it.