The Earthquake

By: Mandla Mbekwa Dlomo 2014-08-06 11:44
"It is with great sadness that the quake which affected almost the entire country, was not experienced in Nkandla"It is in times like this that one should start taking life seriously and appreciate the little that we have and the life that His Almighty and the Gods of Africa gave us.When I saw my desk top dancing it felt like I was watching those Harry Potter movies, something came into my mind that I should run away; to where I do not know. I am glad that there is no injuries that we have experienced.I hope that the government will establish a commission to investigate this matter. What could have been the main cause for this quake? I read that it is centred in North West,Orkney one of the mines in Vaal Reefs...
It can only be because of those many dry mines where our people get paid peanuts. One thing I know about mineral productions mines is that gold and platinum is not planted if its finished it finished. You cannot expect it to grow again.
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