The LCHF thing...

Professor Noakes has come under a lot of fire regarding his advocacy of low-carb-high fat diets, from both the scientific community and the public as a whole (not to mention companies who sell low-fat products). Yet the proponents of this diet (I include myself) have seen many great benefits in following it.

Since the diet has a lot of really tasty and easy meals, it makes it more sustainable than many of the other diets out there - and in spite of being called a “diet”, it really is more of a lifestyle choice. A recent article published by researchers at the University of Stellenbosch (Naude, et al., 2014) has received a lot of media attention and is often cited to say it disproves the ketogenic way of life. In reality, the only thing it claims is that this diet is as good as traditional calorie controlled diets.

To quote: “Trials show weight loss in the short-term irrespective of whether the diet is low CHO or balanced.”

What media fails to report is that there is actually quite a bulk of scientific evidence that support the idea that we should eat ketogenic (low carbohydrate, high fat).

Perez-Guisado (2008) showed that ketogenic diets can be more effective in losing bodyweight and gives metabolic advantages. Several researchers (Paoli, 2012; Bueno, 2013) have indicated that LCHF is effective in combating obesity, while others  (Dashti , 2006; Perez-Guisado, 2008;  Antonio, 2011) have shown it is safe, even (especially) for those with high cholesterol .

Though there is a lot more scientific evidence (proof is a bit of a strong word)  that can be quoted in defence of this lifestyle -frankly - I couldn’t care less what other people eat, it works for me and I’ve never felt healthier. I still eat the odd carb, but as an exception, rather than the rule and it’s worked out just fine!


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Kiss123 2014/08/25 02:08:01 PM
Stay natural and and healthy stuff, balance everything and you will be healthy , and that includes doing excersises of at least 2to 3 hours a week . Common sense is a rare commodity ..... That why this is debated all day long !
Joe Holman 2014/08/25 02:49:23 PM
Well I have lost 26kg and my chronic sinusitis, gout and rheumatoid arthritis are all gone following Noakes. I feel a hell of a lot better and no longer require daily medication any more either!! Thanks Tim
Ronald 2014/08/25 03:36:54 PM
What is so ironic about the "study" that Naude of Stellenbosch did, is that she re-visited 19 of the 23 studies cited by Dr Noakes, in which ALL of those involved in the studies came to the same conclusion as Dr Noakes, but Naude used the same sets of data to come to an opposite conclusion. I downloaded all nineteen studies and read ten, and just had to wonder how she(Naude) came to her different conclusion. Do yourself a favor and read the source material mentioned in Naude's "study".
Bruce Wilson 2014/08/25 03:51:26 PM
I have been at it for at least 15 years (Atkins Diet). I am in my mid 60's and my weight is normal for my height. My blood pressure is 120/80. I eat plenty of leafy green vegetables therefore do not regard it as a low carb diet. (ie Cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower,etc) I avoid grains, sugar, and starchy foods. Even cows and horses get sick eating an abundance of grains in winter. Great apes in American zoos were fed a (so called) healthy diet of fruit, bread and biscuits. They suffered a very high incidence of heart disease until the high incidence was reversed by switching them to a diet consisting primarily of forage.
trev2 2014/08/25 04:14:29 PM
This is certainly not for everyone. I am underweight if anything, but have quite high cholesterol and my blood pressure tends to be fairly high. Eating things that have high salt (sodium) content (e.g. bacon that Noakes is keen on) cannot be good for blood pressure.