The R246m Nkandla debacle

We have noticed with interest yet once again what has transpired this week with the final report of the Special Investigations Union being published in the media in reference to the unauthorized spending of R 246 million on the so-called upgrade of security measures at the private residence of the infamous Jacob Zuma.

We have noticed how officials of the Department of Public Works are now being blamed and even the Architect whom incidentally was appointed by Zuma, has now become the punch bag for illegally and unauthorized benefitting from the money spent or is it ‘wasted’.

The irony of the matter is that Zuma is the owner of the land and in any kind of normal situation, the owner of the land has to say and approve what is done on his property. No-one has the legal right to just do anything on land which he doesn’t own.

It is therefore ironical that the Architect is now blamed for the “fire pool” the underground parking and various other ‘so called security upgrades’ that was conducted, apparently not consulting with the land owner, in this case, Jacob Zuma, prior to, and or during the construction phase.

The Public Protectors report found that Zuma and his extended family, benefitted illegally from the monies spent, the interministerial report on the matter, laid blame to other individuals, and now the Special Investigation Unit report, for which Zuma waited before he would respond on the matter, is more than clear that procurement procedures, were not being followed, that contractors and or individuals benefitted illegally, and that a certain amount of blame, or most of the blame should be leveled at the Architect for doing things that he wasn’t supposed to do.

Ironically he has now disappeared like mist before the sun, and not even his wife knows where he is at the moment.

With the R 152 million that he supposed to have benefitted out of the upgrade, my guess is that he is lying on the beach of some tropical island, with no a care on the world, and having money to keep him in absolute luxury for times to come, and all of this splendid lifestyle, thanks to the fact that he ‘knew’ number one, and accordingly now find himself in the upper echelons of society having benefitted from the ‘work’ done.
Andre Wagener 2014/08/18 08:14:44 AM
I am waiting for SARS to announce an investigation for tax evasion by No 1, as they did with Malema. Otherwise why should the rest of us bother to pay tax in future?
Faiz Booke 2014/08/18 11:34:13 AM
Years ago I learned the hard way that as the land owner, regardless of whether I had given permission or not, I was enriched by the construction of a building on my property. As much as I protested "I hadn't approved it" and "there was no contract", I was taken to court and lost. The simple fact was I had been "enriched". Surely this law applies to Zuma too? Or, at least the trust the owns the land.
Ronald 2014/08/18 11:55:02 AM
As with everything else, Zuma seems purposefully oblivious in general, and specifically so with regards to the law. In the case of anybody suffering damage or gaining unlawful benefit through actions brought about by an agent appointed by you, you are deemed JUST as liable as the agent, in this case the architect. But then, Zuma seems to thrive on not taking responsibility for ANYTHING, and the majority voters and ANC have endorsed him for doing so. I recall what happened to Nicolae Ceau?escu, Gaddafi, etc when their people got tired of the way their countries were being run.