The earth moved...and not in a good way!

First the cat took off and not under the bed as she usually does when she's scared, but she jumped onto the kitchen table and just sat there. Then I felt it. My armchair moved over the tile floor...........Then my phone started buzzing. People were asking if I felt the tremor, trying to confirm that they were not imagining things. So unusual in the East of Pretoria that a local shopping center was asking on FB if we felt the tremor. That sent me of looking at the location of tectonic plates in South Africa. This did confirm my suspicion that the earth below the mining areas in Gauteng must look like honeycomb, and that earthquakes can happen in Gauteng. The 1 o'clock news just confirmed it was a earthquake, 5.3 on the Richter Scale. Scary stuff!  
Michelle En Ettiene Wagner 2014/08/05 03:54:19 PM
It woke me from my sleep the vibration of the doors windows and cupboards ...I first thought it was an reaction caused by iskor as this usally happens in our area,but then I realised it didn't stop,when it eventually stopped I went outside to see if there's any smoke in the air where there usally is when this happens but nothing...that's when I realised that it could only be an earthqauke..shortly after then whe got news updates that SA expierienced its firts quake..on the scale of 5.3..this is really big compared to the highest score 9...
King Swayi 2014/08/05 04:18:33 PM
Why are you so desperate for an earthquake?