The goverment is breaking the constitution

The South African Government has now for the third time broken the constitution of the republic by denying The Honorable Dalai Lama into South Africa it is a disgrace of our nation and the values we hold and a slap in the face of the people who fought and died for freedom and democracy in South Africa, I believe it is illegal and should immediately be taken up in the constitutional as it goes against chapter two of our constitution Section 21 provides that “Everyone has the right to freedom of movement. Everyone has the right to leave the Republic.” Hence these provisions are applicable to all humans, while the following are limited to South African citizens. “Every citizen has the right to enter, to remain in and to reside anywhere in, the Republic. Every citizen has the right to a passport. to take this part of the constitution to literally and to claim he is not a South African citizen goes beyond breaking just our own constitution but also international law as he is not a criminal or a terrorist he is only a spiritual leader of a peaceful people living under tyranny imagine the Anc was not allowed visas into European countries during apartheid. it clearly states that every human has the right to freedom of movement in the republic but only South African has the right to enter and reside but we have exceptions that state the government may disallow  certain individuals  on the basis of terrorism and threat level to the republic . Clearly the Dalai does not pose a threat to South Africa also chapter nine subsection three states that, The state may not unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly against anyone on one or more grounds, including race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth. We need a referendum on this!
Sekgweng Makuwa 2014/09/04 11:51:24 AM
yah neh! fredom is for evryone even though you are iliegal
Andrew Garbet 2014/09/04 11:52:34 AM
Well Said.....
Ian McNaughton 2014/09/04 11:54:51 AM
'Tsek Dalai Lama. Moregarbage welcome. The plot sickens...
Sisie Indola 2014/09/04 12:27:57 PM
JZ said earlier this week that Jesus must come now - i bet the visa would be denied. If you are a criminal the red carpet gets rolled out for you but otherwise they will give you the third finger as usual,
Nic Meyer 2014/09/04 01:15:45 PM
stop complaining about everything and start doing something about your Sh-t hole. all you do is complain and sit back!!!!
Mundus Uys 2014/09/04 05:29:23 PM
The Dalai Lama is not the peaceful saint we are made to believe. It is amazing how little westeners know about him and the history of Tibet. Cold war propaganda plays a big role here. Did you know he admitted to receiving $ millions directly from the CIA and the Tibetan 'government' in India is still to this day being funded by an organisation one step removed from the CIA? China, rightfully so then, considers him and any member of the Tibetan government a spy. Here's a test: If you call one place Israel and another place Tibet, then you probably are an ill-informed, brainwashed hypocrite. That being said, if you consider the 'other scum' allowed into this country, you might as well grant the DL a visa.
Mark Windsor 2014/09/04 05:38:49 PM
I understand that the Dalai Lama is respected by many people. The writer of this article does not understand the nature of the Constitution however. It only applies to citizens. He may well have concerns about the denial of a visa, but a quick bit of logic might help: Does the same then apply to the leader of ISIS? They may well not be moral equivalents but neither are citizens and so the government has the right, even if it may not have the high ground, in this matter. I always laugh at the American Bill of Rights. It makes use of universal claims such as "All men are created equal..." but then denies equality of treatment to foreign nationals. If you are going to make universal claims, they should be applied universally. If you make national claims, well, that's different.