The perfect God


This is in response to Rebone’s recent article about the Jewish/Christian God. She elaborates on reasons why God is imperfect. One of the more vociferous atheists, Atheitis aka Godfrey made a comment to the effect that He should be called a “useless God”. His reason is that God never does anything. Some other atheists ask for “empirical proof” of the existence of God. Others pose questions such as “Where was God when Anene Booysen was murdered? “ or “Why would a loving God send a tsunami that killed thousands of people?” or “how can a loving God allow so many children to suffer?” Francois Marais also posted an article saying that God was “unfair”, and Framcois said that if he was not so busy he would write a book on whether God is fair or unfair.

Clearly there are many on this forum who appear to justify their non-belief in God by siting examples where God has (in their eyes) failed.

Now I ask all of you to let me know in the comments section what your idea of a perfect/ useful / loving God would look like. To those that would say “God does not exist so there is no need to think about what God would be like”, I ask you to use your imagination. What would God (assuming He/She/It existed) have to do to convince you that (he/she/it) existed? Many atheists also say that the Christian God is imaginary, So Please atheists tell me about your perfect imaginary God.

There are many people that are very quick to say why God is imperfect / useless, so this should be an easy task for you as you must know what would expected of a perfect God.

 I look forward to your replies.

DamnTheMan 2014/08/22 03:27:35 PM
Paulus 2014/08/22 03:28:30 PM
He must poof himself out of existence, seeing as you force me to pretend he exists.
Frikkie Fox 2014/08/22 03:37:08 PM
Assuming that people will have free will in this imaginary world of yours, he would be like a perfect legal system, looking after the good people and punishing the bad people. He would make law and order on earth obsolete. His judgment would be fair and innocent people wouldn't suffer.
Fred Van Der Willik 2014/08/22 03:37:43 PM
Phillip, good angle for making a point. However most atheists would probably maintain that there simply is no God and therefore they wont imagine any god.
RabbleRouser 2014/08/22 03:38:31 PM
I don't have a definition for God. So I cannot answer your question. And even if I could it would just be wishful thinking and speculation. That makes it rather pointless.
Bobby Brush 2014/08/22 03:40:57 PM
I don't think atheists can say what they expect of God. It's more fun to say He is useless. Bad things shouldn't happen, you see. You don't wanna take away their fun now, do you?
still faithless 2014/08/22 03:42:55 PM
Easy answer, he can do just one single insignificant thing in reality, anything, in a verifiable controlled environment, any form of proof this imagining can have any form of actual effect in the reality we all share... Oh, and I think that was a really stupid question.
Colleen 2014/08/22 03:44:09 PM
Assuming your god is a man: He would render your articles redundant by being obviously present to every living person without needing a human conduit. For mankind: No seeking. No hiding. No grovelling for an audience with said god. No listening to preacher-men. No tithes. No elaborate places of worship necessary. No thousands of interpretations to choose from. That should just about do it.
Reality 2014/08/22 03:58:45 PM
A perfect god would not need to have to rely on his subjects to defend him. A perfect god would not do idiotic things like planting a tree close to a person who he knows will be unable to resist eating from the fruit. A perfect god would have prevented Original Sin. A perfect god would simply forgive instead of going through an elaborate process of giving his son to be crucified.
Amandlawhereto 2014/08/22 03:59:21 PM
Phillip, The entire concept of "God" was flawed and completely irrational from the beginning so how can you ask rational people to define what they would expect from this god if he was perfect?