The president caused the chaos

Contrary to some who feel that the conduct of EFF parliamentarians was wrong when they launched the now famous #bringbackourmoney onslaught, I think not.

I in fact think we need to be bold and just admit it – it was a brilliant and effective theatrical performance, indeed a performance that reduced all opposition parties to irrelevance, while catapulting the EFF and its leader, Julius Malema, to new heights of recognition.

I accept that there are rules to be adhered to by (dis?)honourable members of the National Assembly and the NCOP, led by the (dis?)honourable President Zuma.  These rules dictate how members should conduct themselves within the confines of the assembly.

I also accept for instance that whoever speaks must be afforded time to make their point without interruption, thereby maintaining what others would call decorum in the assembly.

But what if what you are saying is a blatant obfuscation, a deliberate ploy to hoodwink members of the assembly and the entire country, such as it was the case when the president said he had replied comprehensively to the SIU report, the security cluster report, and, most importantly – the independent report of the Public Protector?

We know now that the president didn’t respond to questions raised in the Public Protector’s report because Advocate Thuli Madonsela had to write to him to point to this fact.

So, with this background in mind, what was so diabolically wrong with the EFF demanding clear cut answers from a man who is answerable to us, the electorate?

We all agree there was chaos in parliament last week.  But for me the main question is how did  this come about.  In other words, what caused those who disrupted proceedings to resort to such behaviour. That’s the question the nation must answer.

Let’s go back one step and maybe apply some dispassionate analysis here. The president of the Republic was asked a question and gave what was believed to be an inadequate answer.  In fact, he is believed to have dodged the question, hiding behind what is also believed to be an inadequate response he submitted to parliament a little over a week ago.

If we agree, then the person who is responsible for last week’s chaos in parliament is President Zuma himself.  Had he answered ‘when’ he will pay the money (for benefiting unduly in the Nkandla project), we would not be here.

So I say charge President Zuma for parliament disruption, not the EFF.  Impeach him for his scandalous disregard for the rule of law and the constitution – the very one he is supposed to defend and uphold. Impeach Zuma for disrespecting the nation, and for teaching our children through his actions that accountability belongs in the dustbin.  Stop wasting time pursuing the EFF and the Public Protector.  Rather make Zuma take responsibility for improperly benefiting in this whole sorry Nkandla saga.

As the Public Protector herself puts it, “if we all respect the Constitution & the law, there would be no crisis.”

President Zuma has no regard for the constitution and the law.  Remove him from the picture and let the country get some better leadership.

Come on, ANC.  I don’t think you are pro-Black but you sure can do better than giving us Zuma. You gave us Thabo Mbeki – one of the greatest intellectuals to come out of Africa (even though I fault him and the ANC 100% for selling Blacks out … a subject for another day).  You are in power now and you will one day be out of it. In the meantime, take us seriously and give us a better president.

This is not to suggest that I hate President Zuma. Far from it. But we need our rulers to do better.  We certainly deserve far better than our current president – not less.

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Sean 2014/08/28 07:56:04 AM
Yip, Maruping,I think I agree with you. Zuma is beyond frustrating and i quite enjoyed watching Juju make him squirm. Long may it continue.
Bri 2014/08/28 08:17:54 AM
Yes Blame the president! How did he get there? The people voted, and now they cry. So no the president is not to blame it is the voters who put him into power who are to blame!
trev2 2014/08/28 09:24:43 AM
I disagree. It is not either Zuma or EFF that is to blame. It is BOTH of them!
Craig Shaun Henry 2014/08/28 09:47:21 AM
The irony is Julius is a thief too. I would expect behavior like that from my 14 month old daughter but I still wouldn't accept it. To think that parliamentarians can behave like petulant babies and expect us to think of them as leaders is a joke I have been laughing at since the EFF was founded.
Barbara van der Merwe 2014/08/28 11:31:55 AM
Apart from not answering direct questions, Zuma has also been on stage when allowing Ancyl and his members to boo and create chaos when opposition people were speaking. Now many of those Ancyl people are EFF, and now he is on the receiving end ... Payback time!
Yaj Chetty 2014/08/28 11:52:41 AM
well said.
Yaj Chetty 2014/08/28 11:57:16 AM
well said, Maruping. we do deserve better leadership than this lot.
Concern Mkhize 2014/08/28 02:15:14 PM
I disagree. We must be careful not to give people powers they don't have as well as understand processes. Thuli is trying to make herself more than she is. We value her role but she must also follow the rules. She's submitted her report and it must now go to Parliament whom she reports to. This trial by media where people make up n create their own expectations and cry foul when the President doesn't do what they want him to do helps noone. It's analogous to a mob trial, there are good reasons why there are processes in place
Nceba Mbane 2014/08/28 02:17:20 PM
You right 100% the Maruping. EFF action thursday was a reaction to a very dangerous behaviour by Zuma and his thieves. The fact the necessary reaction was led by a person we might not like does not change the fact that it was what was needed to be done. That it took someone we dont approve of to do it first, is more of an indictment not on him but on us or the "better" opposition parties. Why were we who are "better", sleeping all this time while Zuma and the thieves rode roughshod over our feeble "opposition"?
Mimo Ibanez Gonzalez 2014/08/28 03:13:02 PM
45 Million people in SA, and the one we have to represent us here and the world at large is just not capable. He is far out of his depth. Surely the ANC have better?? If that is the best they have, then we can kiss this country good bye.