The secret rise of communism in SA

Is it just me or is South Africa starting to look like a communist country? It is happening so slowly I believe very few people are even noticing it, Recently president Jacob Zama's trip to Russia is just another one of those moments where I am starting to seriously doubt the current leadership of the Anc. So are we the bad guys now? We are clearly in support of dictators like Muammar Gaddafi were in he's case and Fidel Castro and bedfellows with countries like Russia and China who is known for human rights abuses and mass murder of any type of dissent or civil disobedience. I do not like to draw comparisons but the death of  Andries Tatane reeks of a Political assassination like those frequently seen in countries like Myanmar and Russia it's state sponsored assassination. Mr Tatana was an opponent of the government and the Marikana mine workers were spreading dissent among the populace the result! a violent suppression. Now I believe Julies Malema and he's popular Marxist believes have thrown a bit of a wrench in the government's plans but it is clear laws like the state secrecy bill are just the tip of the iceberg as with what's to come I do hope that in my life time South Africa never again sees bloodshed like that of it's past, this is my opinion on this matter there is no substantial evidence to back up any of my claims and these view's are my own, agree or disagree with me it is of no concern to me while I hold the right to freedom of speech as set out in chapter 2 of the constitution set out by the bill of rights I choose to speak my mind while I still can!!! 

Leon van Huyssteen 2014/09/02 04:13:32 PM
Hello!!! Have you ever noticed the SACP? They are in parliament! Wake up!
Wehr Wulf 2014/09/02 04:40:34 PM
Your piece is about 20 years too late.
Aunt Agatha 2014/09/02 05:14:54 PM
You are correct. I wonder if we have not, perhaps, already passed the point where the cANCer abomination has been responsible for more deaths than the government during the whole forty eight years of Apartheid. Does anybody know? One thing is for sure; despicable and unconscionable as the ideology of separate development was, had Apartheid never fallen (and assuming that a bloodbath, spearheaded by the then ANC Youth League and MK, didn't occur) we would not have had faeces in our drinking water today. Most (if not all) things like service delivery, education, transport, the police etc would have had twenty years' of improvements to show. Instead, twenty years later in the actual world, all these things mentioned have become a joke. Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Our so called leaders drive around in cars worth millions while the ordinary citizens have to ingest human excrement because our sewerage facilities are being grossly mismanaged. It is estimated that under the watch of our honourable anc government R500 billion has been lost due to incompetence and corruption.That's five and a half million RDP houses' worth!
Aunt Agatha 2014/09/02 05:21:15 PM
JP, the vile system called Communism has, regrettably, hi-jacked the thoughts of many 'useful idiots' in the world, today. If you want to get some valuable insight into the scope of the danger of this, see if you can get hold of a documentary that was made by a US congressman called Curtis Bowers. It's called Agenda - Grinding America Down. An eye opener of note.
Owen Walker 2014/09/02 07:12:56 PM
Firstly note that the national party was partially born out of the Communist party of South Africa which was a whites only party. When the CPSA became the SACP it became multiracial and many communist whites joined the NP. (circa 1922-1925). A feature of communist rule is price fixing. The meat, egg, wool boards among others were a feature of NP rule so were state controlled companies like Iscor, Sasol, Denel, etc. Hence the NP were at home in the ANC / SACP. Today communist rule relies on there being viable job creation BUT over 50% of the population is unemployable / unemployed. To gain full employment one has to go back to 1940's technology. While it is possible to recreate the production lines of yesteryear it is highly unlikely to occur in SA. Communism like capitalism is literally unable to provide a viable working society. Technology changes have rendered those options obsolete. So the mass of unemployable people hold the majority vote. They will vote for higher / more grants and will bankrupt SA back into chief / warlord rule. However, the rise of redundant humans is a worldwide problem.
sxp 2014/09/02 07:16:23 PM
It is no secret. We true patriots(rightwingers, have expected and warned against this.