The stain of the slain……….

Saturday the 16th August 2014, is a date marked by the most egregious stain in the otherwise beautiful history of our young democracy.

There are clearly differences as to what – or who – led to what has become known as the Marikana massacre, but no right-thinking human being can dispute that that the tragedy should not have been allowed to happen.

We may have to wait a while longer for the Farlam Commission of Inquiry to deliver its report and even then we may never get to the bottom of what happened. But while some aspects of the terrible events of the dark episode remain murky, the undisputed facts are that this sad chapter in our history deepened already existing divisions in the mining sector and our society as a whole.

Blood was spilt, families lost breadwinners, husbands, sons and daughters.

As we dip our heads and remember this sad moment we should all do so with the aim of mending instead of deepening division.

We can do this by accepting the truth that all sides of the divide lost lives and the relative peace that prevailed before.

The words uttered at the commission this week by a widow of one of the police officers killed in the violence carry a pertinent reminder for all of us: “We all lost husbands,” she said, aiming her words to the “other side”.

The Marikana massacre was a loss for all of us. South Africa was left with a gaping, horrible wound which we cannot afford to let fester. We need to play our part in the healing that has happened.

Wade Andrew Mackintosh 2014/08/20 07:08:58 AM
has everyone forgotten that the miners killed people, crank muti to make them invincible and approached the police armed and with the intent to kill. Why is everyone blaming the police, if these miners protested PEACEFULLY this would have never happened!
NormalCitizen 2014/08/20 07:28:58 AM
The massacre should have happened. Armed and dangerous people stormed the police. What should NOT have happened , is the poor security gaurds losing their lifes just for doing their job so that their families have bread on the table.
Wehr Wulf 2014/08/20 08:21:12 AM
Ah, the one-eyed socialist reporting again.
sxp 2014/08/20 08:22:57 AM
The ANC will make sure they get off with no blame attached. Even if they are blamed, nothing will happen. How about you also look intot he camp Quatro tortures and murders, yes where even Zoomer was on the spot. It is all one big mess and these same criminals are now in power. No wonder the country is on a slippery donehill slope.
Johnny B Goode 2014/08/20 08:24:56 AM
Hey Thulane, you may never get to the bottom of this if you don't consider that the protesters were duped into believing african magic works and that they were invincible against bullets. What did they want to do for them to desire such a state? Think Thulane, think.