There is true love

There is true love

By: Nosipho Ntombela

Growing up I was told that love conquers everything and anything. I knew that when there was love there was a way. I had this mentality that love was just this one thing someone could not leave without. Well that was until I grew up, then I heard that there are cases where love is not enough.  This came as a surprise because I knew love was patients, kind, caring, understanding, honest and does not keep the records of wrong.  Surprisingly I still believe that.

There are lots of things I believe about love. I believe everyone has that prince/ princess made for them in heaven. It fine you can say I watch too much movies maybe I do, but I know I do not need to watch movies to know that lot of us are confusing love with lust. That is lust if you say love is not enough, what happened to the love that will be enough for both of you? Tell me it is not lust if you say you love me but just enough to hurt me. Please do not say it tough love, love is never tough it is only sweet and warm.

I totally disagree with anyone who says there was love but not anymore what happened to that love? Love does not just go away. The word of God says love is eternal and it is a gift from God. The only problem we have with it is to rush it. We rush and force love. In many occasions I have heard people saying that I never loved my boyfriend but I learned to love him. You cannot learn something like this. This is like a mother and child relationship; it comes naturally to a mother to love her child. So it is with love, it should come to us natural.

If we say we will learn it chances are we might fail. Many relationships today fail not because the couple was not capable of loving, but simple because they tried to deny it was not real. People today date because someone said they look good together. You can’t build love on looks, money and reputation. That is not love but a business. That is the of type love that is not even if but only if. Only if I was with her/him then they will take me serious. What about even if I had only him/her but my world will still be complete.

According to the word of God in Song of Solomon chapter 2 verses 7, we must not stir or awaken love until it pleases. Let learn to be patients with love and trust our love to reveal itself when the time is right. Until it does know there is true love.

MerryMartin 2014/08/26 09:18:25 AM
Nosipho, how I wish life were as simple as "love conquers all". The truth is that love can be many things - but to try to go through your life with some idealised version of love being eternal, unchanging, overcoming all, being "enough", is quite frankly setting yourself up for a major hurt when you eventually come to understand that we live in the real world where love is not necessarily those things. I am all in favour of people believing in love, but a little realism needs to go with it...
Isabel Bezuidenhoudt 2014/08/26 10:06:06 AM
Sigh...Atheitis and his ramblings again. Forget about him, Nosipho, sweetie, I salute your understanding of love and Who love is. I LOVE the sincerity and innocence of your writings. And bravo to that last paragraph...:-)
CyberMatix 2014/08/26 10:11:57 AM
Love is an emotion that happens in your head. It's an neurological process heavily influenced by neurochemicals released by the combination of complex neurological interactions of different parts of the human brain. It doesn't have a switch to turn it on or off and is largely an autonomous/automatic process. That means you can't "decide" to love something or someone or not. It just happens, or it doesn't. You can learn to tolerate something or someone, but not to love something or someone. All this lyricism about love this and love that is all just a lot of absolute nonsense. You might as well get lyrical about the emotion of anger or hate or feeling hungry, as these emotions are just behaviour mechanisms that evolved in humans so they can survive. So love can conquer the world? Well not so much. Try big and strong armies, you will do better with those.
Bobby Brush 2014/08/26 10:31:44 AM
I may speak in the languages of humans and of angels. But if I don't have love, I am a loud gong or a clashing cymbal. I may have the gift to speak what God has revealed, and I may understand all mysteries and have all knowledge. I may even have enough faith to move mountains. But if I don't have love, I am nothing. I may even give away all that I have and give up my body to be burned. But if I don't have love, none of these things will help me. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love isn't jealous. It doesn't sing its own praises. It isn't arrogant. It isn't rude. It doesn't think about itself. It isn't irritable. It doesn't keep track of wrongs. It isn't happy when injustice is done, but it is happy with the truth. Love never stops being patient, never stops believing, never stops hoping, never gives up. Love never comes to an end. There is the gift of speaking what God has revealed, but it will no longer be used. There is the gift of speaking in other languages, but it will stop by itself. There is the gift of knowledge, but it will no longer be used. Our knowledge is incomplete and our ability to speak what God has revealed is incomplete. But when what is complete comes, then what is incomplete will no longer be used. When I was a child, I spoke like a child, thought like a child, and reasoned like a child. When I became an adult, I no longer used childish ways.
Jimbo Slim 2014/08/27 12:50:49 PM
Quoting your ancient irrelevant "holy" book again, I see. We lowly humans figured out what love is. Its a hormone called oxytocin. It comes and goes and is scientically proven to not be eternal. Right? Right.