Thuli Madonsela has gone too far

I have followed the story between the Public Protector and the ANC over the past few weeks and I have reached my own opinion on the matter. Having done Constitutional law myself and having carefully read and analyzed the Constitution as well as the Public Protector Act, I am in a position to make a valued judgment regarding this entire debacle. 
My verdict on the matter is that Thuli Madonsela has gone too far and is doing more than is required or allowed, granted her powers. The media is constantly highlighting the fact that the Public Protectors office is legitimized by the Constitution. What they do not tell us is that Public Protector is an institution that supports states democracy. It is not an independent body that investigates and charges people based on their findings. The PP reports to Parliament. That is where the buck stops.
Madonsela has done her bit of handing over her report, giving RECOMMENDATIONS on steps that should be taken regarding Nkandla. Once that was done, her role in the whole issue was finished and she was supposed to close the file regarding the matter and focus on other things. Now the recent follow up letter that she wrote should be seen as an act of belligerence aimed not only at President Zuma and the ANC but also to the House of Parliament at large. 
Madonsela is undermining her superiors by her involving herself beyond her call of duty. It seems that she follows procedure when and until it suits her. When the ANC rightfully reacts, it seems like it is an attack to her and her office and she seeks sympathy from the public. Her recent media briefing is a clear sign that Thuli has a personal agenda and is being malevolent towards the ANC. One may argue that she is doing her job but her continuous attacks and utterances aimed at the President have an effect on the ANC as a whole because if the leader of the organization is being accused of such damning things, it gets imputed on everyone else inside the organization, right up to the the voter. Perhaps it should be investigated as to who she is really working for. The public or other forces. After all, who watches the watchmen?
With that said, I opine that President Zuma complies with the report regardless of whether it is flawed or not. This is to save the image of the President and show that he respects and complies with the Constitution. Thus far he has followed procedure accordingly and I salute him for that. Siyabonga Nxamalala. 
Finally, may I take this opportunity to categorically state the the office of the Public Protector has not probed an investigation of the complaint I laid against a public official in my small town in Durban. Or is that not pressing enough to be looked into. Public Protector we love that you have guts to take on everyone but your powers are not infinite. That is why there is a separation of powers. Do your job and let Parliament do theirs. 
Deeked De Dose 2014/08/29 11:36:31 AM
Doing a subject called constitutional law does not make you an expert - as evidenced by your article. Finish your degree if you can, then get some practical knowledge then you will realise how stupid your utterances on Facebook of "ANC until I die" actually are.
Hope Ratseke 2014/08/29 11:40:53 AM
Are you an idiot or fool?
Daniel Wessels 2014/08/29 11:41:54 AM
After all, who watches the watchmen? Thuli is doing an admirable job, she has not pilfered state funds, or been accused of any wrongdoing except by the ANC in all cases that she has overseen against our esteemed idiot who is recognised as a president by 62% of voters or other ANC officials. She is the one who WATCHES the Watchmen.
CraigJoseph 2014/08/29 11:43:36 AM
Perhaps you should have listened to Radio 702 today. Reddi Thlabi asked her if the actions she has taken, fall within the scope of her power. She responded to each question with facts based on laws of the constitution, her mandate and procedures she has to follow. She listed the laws down to the numbers and sub-sections. Funny how the ANC only choose to follow the laws when it something they want. Jacob Zuma, has still not provided his comments on her report (which was released in March). The lawful time frame in which Zuma had to respond was 14 days after receipt of the final PP's report. We are now almost in September and ol Number 1 has flouted the laws of the constitution by not adhering to the same laws you and I would be under. So tell me, can you honestly say that Thuli Madonsela has gone too far, knowing how Zuma and his cronies have ignored the laws as and when it suits them? Get your facts straight before you spew such ill-informed bile.
Amandlawhereto 2014/08/29 11:48:40 AM
The public protectors report on Nkandla stated that there was no evidence to support the claim that Zuma had a direct involvement in the ridiculous amounts of money spent on his private home - it did however state that Zuma had benefited improperly from the security upgrades, things like the swimming pool, cattle kraal, visitors centre, tuck shop, amphitheater and chicken run could not be justified as part of security upgrades and the reports recommendation was that Zuma should pay back some of the money with regards to these upgrades. Zuma had 14 days to respond to this report and its recommendations, so: 1. Why did he require a separate SIU investigation and report to determine whether or not he benefited improperly? Does he need someone else to tell him if a swimming pool and cattle kraal are not related to security? 2. Why, to this day, has he still not responded to the recommendations that he pay back some of the costs for these unrelated things? As you seem to know all about the constitutions what does it say about Zuma having to respond to the recommendations in the report within 14 days?
Bruce Wilson 2014/08/29 11:50:11 AM
"This is to save the image of the President...." I am afraid that the ship has sailed on that one! ..
Jacob Molife 2014/08/29 11:51:35 AM
Taming the shrew?
Lereko Lee Marenza 2014/08/29 11:52:28 AM
Oh its this Thami guy again. . . Mxm. Zuma factional idiot
Michael Hughes 2014/08/29 11:56:37 AM
I'm sorry Thami, merely stating that you deem yourself competent to make a judgement does not mean that you actually are, indeed, competent to do so. If you actually had read those documents, it is very clear that the PP is empowered, in terms of s182(c) of the Constitution to take appropriate remedial action should she find impropriety. This is power is not limited by the Public Protector's Act 23 of 1994 and cannot be limited by Parliament. I hope, for your sake, your are a better ANC sycophant than a lawyer, because your grasp of law is non-existent.
Guy M Artist 2014/08/29 12:03:49 PM
so much stupid. wow