Thuli needs help

The Public Protector now deserves to get all the support that she can get now, to call on President Jacob Zuma to account for everything in her report on the Nkandla investigation.

Zuma’s reply to the Public Protectors report and her recommendations about Nkandla lacked a great deal of accountability, and Zuma almost basically ignore all of her recommendations.

The Public Protector recommended that Zuma should pay back to the State the monies that have been used on construction work at his Nkandla private residence in respect of work that are in no way security related, i.e. the swimming pool (later christened to be a fire-pool), the amphitheatre, and the cattle kraal but to name some, through which he and his family unduly benefitted at the cost to taxpayers.

The Public Protector recommended that he should pay back a substantial amount, falling short of the actual amount. The SAPS and the Treasury in reference to her report to assist in determining how much Zuma should pay back on these items that he and his family benefitted from.

In his reply Zuma though said that Nathi Nhleko, Minister of Police, has to determine if he should indeed pay back anything or not.

On this the Public Protectors in her letter to Zuma said that his reply is insufficient and his decision to say that Nhleko must decide if he should pay back any or some of the money is unconstitutional.

The ANC’s predicted reply to her letter is that the Public Protector is treating the matter against Zuma as ‘a personal matter outside of her mandate as defined in the Constitution’.

Zizi Kodwa, the national spokesperson of the ANC even went so far as to ‘question her neutrality, credential and the reason for the report’

His reaction is witness to the fact of the lack of knowledge within the ANC of the work of the Public Protector and the mandate. Only a Court can declare the findings of the Public Protector as null and void. Zuma can’t appoint his police minister to decide on if he should pay back any of the money.

The Parliamentary Committee that is going to discuss Nkandla, in actual fact, are mandated to see that the re commendation of the Public Protector in this matter, is acted upon and executed. If the Committee doubts the recommendations in the report, it has to approach a Court of Law to have it challenged.

Advocate Thuli Madonsela can expect personal attacks to increase against her and her office, with the ANC trying everything possible to undermine the functions of her office.

Organizations in civil society and the opposition parties in the National Assembly need to strengthen the hand of the Public Protector at this point in time.

The Public Protector is a vital and important institution and its powers cannot be watered down.

John Egeonu 2014/08/28 05:41:11 AM
If the anc really wants zuma to step down, they should dear drag the public protector to court.
Kamohelo Moshodi 2014/08/28 06:10:30 AM
I fully agree with you on this One Thuli needs us more than ever she need our support she has been so loyal for us bt we as south african we need to stand up and wake up let us stop commenting only on news24 bt let us tell her face to face she has all our support.thanks
John Stoltz 2014/08/28 07:06:27 AM
If only the bigwigs of the ANC had the balls to use this opportunity to get rid of JZ, this country could turn for the better!! However, they have been hand selected and are all "yes men"!!
Elvava Seameco 2014/08/28 07:40:32 AM
Well said, thumbs up !!!
RabbleRouser 2014/08/28 08:18:42 AM
Thuli has the powerful weapon of the law and the constitution. That is why the ANC thugs are making so much noise. They are simply tossing red herrings around. Thuli is simply doing her job, nothing more. And she is doing it well. Of course, it does not suit Zuma's agenda in which he would like this whole saga to just go away without being accountable. But, it is not going away. The inter ministerial committee and the SIU reports are irrelevant. Those reports were not conducted by impartial or independent entities. The PP's report is the primary document and the only one of any relevance. And it cannot be overturned or set aside by parliament or the SAPS. It must be executed according to the PP's recommendations. Only a court of law can change it if it is challenged. Obviously, Zuma does not want to go there because then he will be compelled to answer to his corrupt activities.
Craig Harrison 2014/08/28 09:06:07 AM
Turning the attention onto Thuli is typical diversion tactics by the anc,...all of a sudden its her that in the wrong, must answer for, be looked into, is abusing power, has a political agenda, ect...ect...ect...! One thing I'm sure of is that if they try to get rid of her, you will see the biggest multicultural marches this country ever seen!
Concern Mkhize 2014/08/28 05:24:21 PM
Thuli needs help indeed, to understand her limits. Her jumping the gun will compromise the work she is trying to do. It's like a prosecutor who submits an argument to a judge and then starts wanting to preempt sentencing before a verdict has been made. She made her submission, the other reports were submitted and they need to be all reviewed. She can't now demand payment when there are a 101 contested points leading to that conclusion. She is undermining her constitutional mandate by trying to usurp the responsibilities of other bodies as well as the right of the president to make their submissions and have them heard as well
Mark Windsor 2014/08/28 06:18:39 PM
The Public Protector has my utmost respect. What an amazing example of a strong character speaking truth to power! I rather think we need her help. Not sure it's the other way around. Come to think of it, that's why I'm proud of South Africans. Whenever someone comes along and tries to impose hegemony, we always, without fail, give the middle finger to the wannabe tyrants.