Time for DSTV to listen to their customers

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Monopolies have the power, individual’s don’t. (or do we ?)

When I finally was able to speak to a fairly senior person to ask why there were so many repeats and more importantly why I could not purchase a bouquet that suited me rather than one that included channels that I or my family (or friends) would never watch  he offered me a cheaper channel, but it would not include Discovery, Nat. Geo etc. in fact it included only channels that you would be able to get FREE from the new SABC bouquet (when they come on line.)

I want to be able to select and purchase on a monthly or even daily basis the channels (i.e. Discovery, Mnet etc.) that I want to watch. I am willing to pay market related prices for these but alas, no luck. When I told the “senior person” I , as customer, was disappointed her reply  was..

“ Sir , If you don’t like what you are paying for, cancel , you as a customer have that right “

That’s a bit like cutting off your nose to spite your face!

Just a thought, what if every body cancelled, just for one month, perhaps then DSTV would have to take us, the consumer seriously?

As for the repeats, well a whole new can of worms. It flies in the face of consumer rights but one step at a time.

ARE YOU willing to start a “Freedom of Channel selection” revolution ?     I AM   talk to me!

Amandlawhereto 2014/08/15 11:11:56 PM
I'm in - pay per channel or pay-per-view/sports game would suite me just fine! Why can we not select our own bouquet - or better yet our own programs? Any operator can re-broadcast all the channels that Multichoice offers, including the repeats - these are not necessarily DSTV's fault as they do not control the content on these channels. Their only strength is the sport but it is a "catch 22", we pay an exorbitant amount every month so that we have access to the sports, which in turn provides Multichoice with enough funds to ensure that they can afford to purchase all the sports rights. But then again if the SABC was not so useless there may actually be some decent competition to DSTV..........................ah well, one can dream!
NoeNoe 2014/08/15 11:15:44 PM
Count me in, boots 'n all! I am on the Access option and they took away channel 189. I complained to no avail!
Kirsty Prinsloo 2014/08/15 11:17:59 PM
Louise-Roger Higham 2014/08/15 11:22:20 PM
I'm in too
Solomzi Jijana 2014/08/15 11:38:06 PM
That is such a brilliant idea!!! All I would need are all the sports channels, music channels, cartoon channels, the bbc's, nat geo, discovery, nat geo wild all mnets, vuzus and im cool
Solomzi Jijana 2014/08/15 11:39:22 PM
That is such a brilliant idea!!! All I would need are all the sports channels, music channels, cartoon channels, the bbc's, nat geo, discovery, nat geo wild all mnets, vuzus and im cool
CyberMatix 2014/08/16 12:26:08 AM
Sorry to pee on your parade. Some time ago there was some effort to have this done, but Multichoice wriggled out of it. Multichoice is a monopoly that understands their captive market well. They also understand that the consumer mentality in SA is pathetically weak. And the competition legislation in SA is worthless and toothless. Same for the telkom companies.
BatongaBoro 2014/08/16 12:29:18 AM
cancel it and get on with your life.
Johann Eloff 2014/08/16 12:53:30 AM
If you could get to choose your channel option just selecting the one or two or three channels you want will cost more than just getting Premuim...it is payment by numbers for the prime content and the rest are just thrown in. To give you an hypothetical example...if you just want Mnet, Discovery and Supersport you would probably pay R300 per channel...
Johann Eloff 2014/08/16 12:58:40 AM
As for the repeats...I am sorry to burst your bubble but there are just not enough good content to to put new things on all the time...then you also have to take into account he fact that it is linear and not all people are in front of their tv when you are...hence it comes up on another time slot so that they can also catch it...it is not just playing out for you