Time to put an end to erotic music videos

When did we start being ok with soft porn being showed on television sets on a daily basis? By soft porn, I mean the erotic music videos with much profanity that is there for kids to easily access anytime of the day.

These things seem to be getting worse and worse each year.

Consider Niki Minaj’s video to her new song Anaconda. Ass shaking everywhere and the lyrics to that song are just as bad. The likes of Beyonce’, Lady Gaga, Rihanna etc are just as bad and are just a few examples of musicians in a music industry that is becoming increasingly pornographic with little or no regard to the effect that their content has on society at large.

We are living in a country where we are seeing an increase in sexual crimes, not only by adults but by minors too. We don’t need music videos like that on television planting impure thoughts in the minds of our developing youth. We cannot have a country that says it is against sexual abuse but simultaneously allows the broadcasting of such content which encourages that sort of behaviour. It is just not right.

Where are our broadcasting authorities? Are they comfortable with their kids watching those videos or are they part of some kind of group with an agenda to be allowing this to happen (just had to add a conspiracy theory into the mix).

Nevertheless, it has reached a stage where it has become unacceptable to keep allowing this to happen. For the sake of the youth and the country as a whole, we need to put an end to this material being screened on a daily bases. 

Deeked De Dose 2014/08/22 02:32:16 PM
Dude, your definition of Soft porn is someone shaking their butts? Where were you brought up... in a monastery? If you don't like it change channels...
Rohin 2014/08/22 02:39:55 PM
if we are to ban things that offend, where do we stop? This particular video might offend you, and not another person. We can't really bubble wrap the world we live in. Even if music videos are not allowed, porn channels are easily accessible online or even through a mobile phone. If it's really your children's wellbeing that you're worried about - you should be looking at your own parenting.
JP Mhle Ngcongo 2014/08/22 02:49:19 PM
I dont like such videos either. But hey, they are making a living and boosting their economy. I suggest you come with ways that will prevent your kids from watching them. Some people actually love these things and have no problem with their kids watching, i think.
Net Crunchie 2014/08/22 02:52:57 PM
If you don't like it, don't watch it...easy as that
DinkumTroll 2014/08/22 03:00:48 PM
What? Watching somebody shake their booty in tight pants or a g-string on TV leads to sexual assault? No no no! Parents not teaching their children right from wrong and respect for other peoples rights is what leads to sexual assault. Or worse, kids learn that behaviour from their parents because their parents weren't brought up right. Too many parents want to fob the parenting duty off on other people like teachers and nannies and then blame TV when their kids grow up to be delinquents. I was brought up right, I've never sexually assaulted anyone, I've never beat up anyone for some perceived insult, I've never brandished a gun because I thought it was cool. And my behaviour is despite what I grew up seeing on TV not because of it! TV is just an easy excuse for lazy/bad parents!
Daveman 2014/08/22 03:15:06 PM
They do it because of people like me who despise the crap pop and r&b music these people come out with. But I could watch Miley shaking her ass for days.
DamnTheMan 2014/08/22 03:30:47 PM
Way off base. It starts at home when kids watch their parents or siblings have sex. Or worse when they are abused sexually. There is nothing wrong with sex, completely natural but stigmatizing it is a waste of time. Rather educate and teach kids about the dangers and the pleasures of a healthy sexual relationship with a long term partner. Or change your culture of child rape. Child rape is far more damaging than "soft core porn"! Fail...
Kallie Karnallie 2014/08/22 03:35:58 PM
Said the Ostrich with it's head in the sand. Porn is everywhere dude, have you checked your kid's cell phones lately?
MerryMartin 2014/08/22 03:48:25 PM
Oh dear, Morgan... Your TV has an off switch - use it. Ok, now that I got that out of the way - I hear you. I hear where you are coming from. The thing is, if you have taught your children properly, they will see these music videos for exactly what they are - somewhat sleazy representations of that which someone decided was "sexy". That is, IF you have bothered to educate them properly about men and women, and the things men and women (and men and men and women and women) do. And how love and sex are beautiful, wonderful, fantastic, gorgeous, mind blowing.... If, on the other hand, you have chosen to NOT educate your children, then who is to blame them for thinking that the representations they see on TV is the way it really is? How about we all teach our children what love and sex are actually all about, and then trust that we have done our jobs well enough for them to see the "offensive" videos for what they really are? That way, no-one will have to decide FOR ME what I may and may not see...
John Neilson 2014/08/22 07:25:50 PM
Turn off your television, stop buying the products that they endorse, write and tell them to stop, don't buy there records, don't download their music, don't buy it for your kids, simple. don't tell me what I can and cannot watch.