Very Honourable Act my Comrade!....

By: Vusumuzi Shongwe 2014-08-12 08:22
What Comrade Pallo Jordan has done is very honourable but it does not have to end there. As someone who really believe in Good Governance, I strongly believe that because of his qualifications misrepresentation, he has landed good jobs in Government and in the Corporate world. He received some earnings deceitfully and therefore those proceeds where fraudulently acquired. Thus to say I am sorry is not enough according to the book of all true. What I will suggest is that the most honourable thing that he has to do is just return all the proceeds he acquired during this period and earnings so that society should see him as a man who stood for ethics that he has been propagating all this years.What is great of you Mr Jordan is that you did not drag the our beloved movement the African National Congress into disrepute by wanting our courts to exonerate you from your action but took full responsibility for your deeds. Comrade Jordan for that I say we patriotic South Africans should respect you for that. That shows character in a man who accept his acts but please just return the proceeds of your misrepresentation of facts that led to your elite appointments.My late father instilled in me through his teachings to live an honest and honourable life.  Vusumuzi Shongwe in his personal capacity     
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