Very Honourable Act my Comrade!....

What Comrade Pallo Jordan has done is very honourable but it does not have to end there. As someone who really believe in Good Governance, I strongly believe that because of his qualifications misrepresentation, he has landed good jobs in Government and in the Corporate world. He received some earnings deceitfully and therefore those proceeds where fraudulently acquired. Thus to say I am sorry is not enough according to the book of all true. What I will suggest is that the most honourable thing that he has to do is just return all the proceeds he acquired during this period and earnings so that society should see him as a man who stood for ethics that he has been propagating all this years.What is great of you Mr Jordan is that you did not drag the our beloved movement the African National Congress into disrepute by wanting our courts to exonerate you from your action but took full responsibility for your deeds. Comrade Jordan for that I say we patriotic South Africans should respect you for that. That shows character in a man who accept his acts but please just return the proceeds of your misrepresentation of facts that led to your elite appointments.My late father instilled in me through his teachings to live an honest and honourable life.  Vusumuzi Shongwe in his personal capacity     
Bruwer 2014/08/12 08:47:08 AM
It might be a honourable act but he lived the lie so many years , if he had not been caught he would have continued to live the lie. Secondly the response from the anc is pathetic
SunshinyDay 2014/08/12 08:52:16 AM
The honourable thing to have done was not lie about it to begin with. Would he have admitted to this and resigned if his lie hadn't been revealed? I highly doubt it. He isn't a man of integrity, he is just trying to spin this to try keep what little respect he has left.
Reality 2014/08/12 08:57:26 AM
I heard they were going to recall him and make him vice-president because he did for many years what ANC does best.
Julian Edward Frost 2014/08/12 09:12:39 AM
Sorry, but no. He falsely claimed degrees for over two decades. When a journalist phoned him to tell him there was no record of those degrees, he offered to let the journalist write his biography in exchange for keeping quiet. His actions are not those of an honourable man. They are the actions of a fraud who has been exposed and is trying to save face.
Kimberley Hubert 2014/08/12 09:21:40 AM
Oh, the honourable thing? He shouldn't have done it to start with... Apparently being educated isn't a prerequisite for being a member of the ANC...
Ygivadamn 2014/08/12 09:31:39 AM
Unless Pallo is like Einstein, he is a fraud who was entrusted with a science which was meant to change the lives of South African for the better. The ANC's Ben Turok amongst others hails this man as the most intelligent figure within the ANC. Overtime, this would have put him a position that allowed him to influence "your beloved movements" Economic Policies such as Gear, ASGISA, now NDP which in turn became national policy. Economic policy formulation & modulation is a science which requires great knowledge and research and the ANC relied on the input of someone who lied about knowing this science as an expert. Now you wonder why these economic policies cannot translate into good fortunes for the masses of our people. Unless PJ was a genius, he is just like those fake Surgeons who operate on patients without being qualified to do so.
Sean O'Donnell 2014/08/12 09:44:56 AM
Dishonesty is celebrated by the ANC Government. This and the most perfect example - our "leader", are perfect examples. While we have a government such as this, this country, together with all it's citizens will be seriously screwed - including the 62% who keep them in power.
Kallie Karnallie 2014/08/12 10:34:39 AM
Just goes to show: One can never trust these "Comrades". They will lie and steal and plunder until caught and then just apologize and walk away.
James Smythe 2014/08/12 10:45:58 AM
How on earth can Pallo jordan be described as 'honourable', when he is a disgusting cheat and fraudster? He has lied and cheated for 20 years and more and has finally been found out, not because he came clean about his lies, but because a newspaper started digging. If it were not for that, he would have continued with his lying and cheating. He should be prosecuted fully for fraud and misrepresentation and be made to pay back ALL his earnings which he gained through this fraud.
Moi 2014/08/12 12:10:33 PM
Honourable???? He tried to BRIBE the reporter that approached him with the story. He's been lying for years and if he hadn't been caught out, he would still be lying. Nothing honourable about him.