Vuyo Mbuli funeral

I tried without any success to figure out why SABC could not broadcast either Vuyo's memorial service or funeral. Except of course if the family objected to that, most of us, expected at least to be able to be with those that attended in person, at least on a platform we knew him with, a television.
But we were denied the opportunity to share in a farewell of the person that we have come to be connected to without even realizing it, and even felt the pain his friends and family did like someone we knew very much, when he suddenly without notice was thwarted from us like a thief in the night.

Vuyo spent most of his time doing the best for SABC, consistently without fail. He set the standard of journalism that put SABC head and shoulder above the rest. Every week day morning at dawn he woke up for nine full years without fail to do what he was passionate of and touched many in a special way in the process.

What we were told was people could see the memorial service on the SABC website live and SABC you tube...WHAT??? Did Vuyo work on SABC website or you tube???

I can see him disappointed that his most important moment of bidding him last farewell on the platform we knew him with, he was denied. He was only useful when he pushed agendas of the bosses, and was only then allowed everyday to appear on their medium, and besides that, sorry, he is put aside for much better things that his last farewell to his friends that connected in spirit, the fans that paid for the same license are also denied what supposed to be their right to a broadcast that supposed to be the public broadcast prioritizing issues of public interest.

Why SABC could not broadcast Vuyo's funeral or memorial service, except if family objected, is still a gnawing pain, more pain than his passing away. He is like a used object that upon serving its purpose, is just brushed aside to focus on much more useful things.

After all Vuyo did for that corporation. We know he was paid for all that, he was not volunteering. But in the name of the people he touched, and left an indelible mark on, was it not befitting that at least they bid their hero a deserving farewell? A man who the government felt worthy to fly a flag half mast for?

Shame on you SABC, whatever reason you placed for doing this...Shame on you. If you were concerned it will set precedence, that is very lame for generalizing one special man, one special dedicated talent and put him in an argument of the rest. Many who may not even show the come close to the man...

Nevertheless, rest in peace bra set a standard of what a South African can be...You will forever live in our hearts...farewell soldier, true son of the soil....SALUTE!
margi.cloete 2013/05/24 08:13:43 AM
crying shame funeral wasn`t available to ALL
lavene.d.speak 2013/05/24 08:24:55 AM
You know what, I fully agree with you Sello...
Denver Sykes 2013/05/24 08:37:09 AM
Well said Sello!!! If the SABC wanted to regain it's respect with the South African public, they could have shown THEIR respect to Vuyo, by giving him a farewell he deserved....within the media he served the SABC on for many years, namely TELEVISION,. Not everyone has access to the internet, so many,many South Africans can thus not take their leave of Vuyo. WHAT A SAD SAD SHAME!!!!!!!!!!
Malebo Mmoledi 2013/05/24 08:42:06 AM
I was so surprised to her that Vuyo past way and I expected to see memorial service on T V ,but I didn't see any but its fine may his soul rest in peace u were like a brother to me .
portia.dudu2 2013/05/24 08:42:11 AM
may his soul rest in peace
Joe Muhr 2013/05/24 08:43:33 AM
Maybe it's because he wasn't an ANC cadre, and thus not considered important enough by the SABC.
justice.mosiapoa 2013/05/24 08:54:43 AM
Right sello!why should I pay my tv licence when actually SABC,don't meet my interests!pay now!pay no more!
Donald Khoza 2013/05/24 08:55:40 AM
does it really matter if they broadcast or not let the man rest in peace,tv or no tv stop complaining,be thankful u still alive.
Koba Choabi 2013/05/24 08:57:40 AM
Sello Moroe please watch SABC 2 now
ntombizandile.quluba 2013/05/24 08:58:40 AM
I agree with you sello. Am still sitting in front of the TV waiting for th funeral broadcast of Mr vuyo mbuli instead am watchinng insurances adverts for about 30m. May his soul rest in peace.