Why people are poor?

People are poor because of the wealthy people. I know now that you are saying Majaji is crazy. Let us look at few ideas.

Wealthy people are on a mission to earn more money. I then look at legal ways on how a person can earn money. A person can earn a salary, a social grant, a donation or profit from a business.

Natural resources play a major role in any business including the services industry. I have learnt that wealthy people own natural resources and thus we can not survive unless we have those natural resources. Hence we are sort of automated to spend our money buying this natural resources either in a raw state or processed state.

Whatever little money you have earned, you can't actually save because you need to buy food, clothes etc. Thus your money is automated to land in the hands of those wealthy people who own this means of survival or be luxury etc.

Now lets look at how new money is created. New money is created by debt. We borrow this money and it will follow the process laid above and eventually all the money will end up with the wealthy people.

It is easy for a wealthy person to earn money from a poor person. How easy it is for poor people to earn money from the few wealthy people?

Next time you are thinking of praising wealthy people as successful and intelligent. You must remember that they are the reason people are poor.

It seems like there is no law that is prepared to restrict and prohibit someone not to be too wealthy to the point that it is causing others to be poor. Why not limit wealthy people at 1 billion each.

Instead of Patrice Motsepe having 6.25 Billion at least we should have more people having millions.
Majaji is an Amateur Political Analyst
Adrienne Charles 2014/08/10 06:49:39 PM
The best wealth building tool is your income. Dump the debt!
Ryan Blom 2014/08/10 06:52:03 PM
Rammsteen 2014/08/10 06:52:57 PM
Majaji is crazy.
Freddie Jones 2014/08/10 07:04:38 PM
"Majaji is an Amateur Political Analyst" Very amateur.
Riaan Vermeulen 2014/08/10 07:14:59 PM
With that kind of attitude you will always stay poor. 1. You cannot transfer wealth. 2. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it. 3. Wealth is nothing...you must increase your ability to generate income. You cannot play football with a rugby ball...so stop trying to change the rules. Rather understand them and apply them to you own life. An no, money isn't generated by debt, well not for the guy who borrows the money any ways. I you want to generate money, dump the debt, start saving, protect your principle and make sure you invest wisely.
Byron Human 2014/08/10 07:28:57 PM
I think the mindset regarding money should change, and you only getting 2, the poverty and the wealth mindset. And the wealthy knows how to let money work for them. The poor want to spend it all. Educated your mind regarding the principles of wealth creation. And it is sometimes not the lack of money that makes people poor, poor choices regarding money makes you poor. And the wealthy knows that.
James Smythe 2014/08/10 07:33:04 PM
Oh boy! - where is the brain?
John Greystoke 2014/08/10 07:54:18 PM
Think like the poor and stay poor. Think like the rich and get rich!
sxp 2014/08/10 07:56:33 PM
People are poor because they have to many children. This is one thing that it seems Africa just cannot get right.
justaperson 2014/08/10 07:59:58 PM
tsk tsk tsk.