Why things are the way they are?

It is a question that has crossed my mind a lot over the past few days. Why is everything the way it is? Why are terrible things happening all over the world?

All this drove me into a pit of thoughts which led to the realisations of a few truths I was blinded to. Was I asking the right questions? Yes, I was. Was I looking for answers? Yes, I was. But was I looking in the right places? No, I was not.

What was missing in all of this? There had to be only one thing which was causing all of this, only one thing! Was it non-existent or just hiding in plain sight? If this one thing was there, would it change the world?

The answer eventually caught up with me. How could it be so simple, yet it has escaped the grasps of the entirety of mankind? Was it because we were looking for complexity where simplicity should reside?

The answer was LOVE. Yes, love! I wondered how that was even possible that love was the answer to all these problems. How can a four lettered word redeem and restore the human race? And let alone give a hope and a future to wretched generations.

The picture became clearer when I did an inventory of my own existence. I judged why I did what I did and why I was the person I am. It all came down to my need for appreciation, respect and significance from the people that surround me.

At moments where I was denied my essence, I felt robbed of my reality. Dark thoughts clouded my existence. It is in these moments I realised that all the idiocy of the human kind came in the need for validation. And the moment I got it from myself, I did not need to prove anything to anyone.

My question was answered. There it was, why there is so much evil in the world. Our inventions have become our worst enemies and have driven us to so much evil. There would be no evil if I loved you and you loved me. 

CharlieC 2014/08/28 02:09:32 PM
“How could it be so simple, yet it has escaped the grasps of the entirety of mankind?” Probably because it is the wrong answer. “Was it because we were looking for complexity where simplicity should reside?” More often than not simple answers don’t solve complex problems. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have any problem with more love in world I just don’t think it is the answer to the problems that face us.
QuickandDirty 2014/08/28 02:30:31 PM
Peace sister. We should return to the hippy era. Make love not war! Hehe
Net Crunchie 2014/08/28 03:13:12 PM
All this talk about love gave me a hardon, you wanna see it? Wild Bill Hickock
David Allcock 2014/08/28 03:27:45 PM
fantastic ideology....but nothing more than a pie in the sky ideology....absolutly impractical and impossible to implement im afraid.....so essentially nothing more or less than a a cop out.....now back to real concrete reality.....
RuudAwakener 2014/08/28 03:43:04 PM
Thank you, thank you for not automatically making the leap to Jehovah, Jesus and the bible, as we've seen so many do on this forum.
Mark Windsor 2014/08/28 06:36:09 PM
Things are the way they are because they are not the way they are not. One of the things that astonishes me about humans is their burning need to find the "why" even if no answer exists.
CyberMatix 2014/08/28 11:06:38 PM
Two points. The universe runs on a strict cause and effect regime with a bit of randomness thrown in. Everything you see around you has a certain state, and that state had a preceding set of states that caused it to be in that state. This unbroken chain of cause and effect states runs all the way back 13.8 billion years to when the universe started. Oh, and the free will that you think you have just works on that little bit of randomness that there is, and is mostly an illusion. The second point is that love is a complex and autonomous neurological process that occurs in our brains, called an emotion, that you have very little or no control over. There isn't a switch in your brain that you can switch it on or off. So to say, we must just love each other more is meaningless. You simply can't do it. You have some control over tolerance. To say we must tolerate each other more makes more sense. OK so now you know.