You need a plan to live in South Africa!

There's a great future in SA...but you must have a plan. Here's mine:

1. There are many places much worse than South Africa....with grinding poverty, authoritarian governments and failed states. People still, somehow, make a life for themselves and their loved ones. Maybe there's a lesson there for us.

2. Africa's political leadership is notoriously inept, self-serving and fundamentally corrupt. Get over it.

3. To make matters much worse, most South African cannot distinguish between leaders and common criminals when voting, and therefore give the whole process a semblance of democratic respectably. Join a political party that can deal with this conundrum, or start your own.

4 State services will collapse. Buy a generator, and whatever else you need to live a decent life

5. In time, the economy will collapse, or at best falter, leaving the currency in tatters. Create your own business that is collapse-proof. Here are three examples: create services the state is failing to deliver, make things to export into dollarised markets (including Africa), and do something for the Chinese tourists....they are coming here in their millions.

6. Keep some of your savings abroad so that when you hear the Rand is diving again, it's both good and bad news, not just bad news.

7 Make a point of enjoying the things that are special here, even more - for me it's the mountains, the wine, the sport, the incredible people (all of us) , the bush and our unique history.

8. Never whinge. Rather, put ALL your effort into making your own world functional, productive, safe and rewarding

9. Have a big heart, embrace people different to you, always be positive and believe in your future!

10. If none of this resonates, consider carefully moving abroad. With respect, you may have many challenges just as difficult, without the benefits of 7.

Genet Joobs 2015/02/05 01:51:37 PM
Very well written article.Thanks.
Romeo Dickason 2015/02/05 02:13:28 PM
Really cool read thanks John.
Elize Gildenhuys 2015/02/05 02:15:54 PM
Great read!
evert.louw.79 2015/02/05 02:28:52 PM
Good one!
Lungisa Mangi Dlamini 2015/02/05 02:46:24 PM
at last, something positive for a change.
WollieVerstege 2015/02/05 02:48:24 PM
4 - check 5 - check 6 - check 7 - check 8 - check 9 - check Agree with all you say.
Liz Janse van Vuuren 2015/02/05 02:55:33 PM
Food for thought..
Jacques le Roux366 2015/02/05 03:01:16 PM
I agree with every sentence written, however I don't think its fair to still pay taxes for all these services that are collapsing... Great article though...
Nic Roets 2015/02/05 03:27:09 PM
Quote: 10. "If none of this resonates, consider carefully moving abroad. With respect, you may have many challenges just as difficult, without the benefits of 7". Huh? 1. There are countries rated: most non corrupt: 1 and 2 most non-corrupt, New Zealand and Denmark. 2. OK, get over it. This one applies to anywhere in the world. "Get over it" 3. Ok. Jip, I agree, only in Africa. 4. In a well run country, you will buy a solar system, not because there is no power, because you care for our planet. (Africa is not there jet...?) 5.A country with 0 inflation, free medical for all its people, free schooling, etc, will be the last to collapse. No need to stand on the street to sell something made in China. 6. Good point. Always good to able to have money elsewhere, if you can make ends meat in the country you live in. Who can? Well, good idea if you can... 7. SA does not have copy right, or patented beautiful mountains, or have sole ownership to mountains, blue skys, nature and wildlife. Does it? 8. Check!!! 9. Jip, that works everywhere on our only planet! Check!!! 10. I totally disagree, how did your ancestors got to Africa. They did not like it where they were....? Move on, if can, the world is lager than you think!
Colin Nelson 2015/02/05 04:48:36 PM
Very sound advice;;There will be opportunities for the doers and go getters!!