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Some news is old news by 7 o’clock. Get local and international news while it’s still fresh with News24 SMS Breaking News Alerts. To subscribe, simply sms NEWS to 35124 (Standard rates apply) and you’ll receive 1 alert per month. * To unsubscribe at any time, sms STOP NEWS to 31062. The great news is that you can also opt for the full service (R5/week*) – simply follow the prompts in our reply SMS to set it up and you will receive alerts on all major news stories as they unfold. * Equal to R20/month.

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Weather SMS Alerts

Get Weather on the go with a daily SMS giving you the weather forecast in your area. Each day at 17:00 you will receive a SMS with the details on the following day's weather. Sign up now. Simply sms W24, followed by one of the towns in the list below to the number 31222. This subscription service costs R20 per month. Example: W24 Cape Town (If the city is not on the list, choose the city nearest to you). * To unsubscribe at any time, sms STOP W24 to 31222.

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Lotto SMS Alerts

Get the winning numbers sent directly to your cellphone each Wednesday and Saturday. Register now. Simply sms LOTTO to 31222 (R10 per month). * To unsubscribe at any time, sms STOP LOTTO to 31222.

Powerball SMS Alerts

Find out if you’re the next Powerball millionaire! Receive the winning Powerball numbers via sms, directly after the draw on Tuesdays and Fridays. To register, SMS ‘Powerball’ to 31222 (R10 per month). To unsubscribe at any time, simply SMS ‘Stop Powerball’ to 31222.

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