African rhino poaching a crisis

Nairobi - Wildlife officials say rhino poaching in Africa has reached crisis levels with nearly 1 000 animals killed in the last five years.

Wildlife experts from across Africa said in a Tuesday statement they would lobby for harsher penalties and fines for people involved in illegal rhino horn trade.

In a meeting in Nairobi, wildlife experts and and private conservation groups also resolved to reach out to the governments of countries where there is demand for the rhino horn and work with them to create stringent laws against the trade.

China and Vietnam are some of the destination markets for the horn, where they believe the horn has medicinal qualities.

Last year 448 rhinos were killed in South Africa which has the highest rhino population in the world. Conservationists say this year poachers have killed 135 rhinos already.

Mario Haddon 2012-04-03 11:13:20 PM
im so disgusted and pissed off at this poaching! why dont sandf utilise their unused army(with no missions) to catch these poachers!!
Adil Smit 2012-04-04 12:25:02 AM
Most important is to educate people in China and Vietnam
Dee Hunt 2012-04-04 02:22:28 AM
Curbing DEMAND in Asia is the only way to stop the slaughter. 1)Make a pseudo 'snuff' movie with Asian sub-stitles showing a rhine horn user convulsing, frothing at the mouth and dying in agony from poisoned rhino horn ... it should go viral on YouTube. 2) Have a MASSIVE media campaign in Asian countries spreading the story that all rhino horn is now toxically poisoned (the fools use rhino horn based on a myth - spread another one) 3) Just 1 MASSIVE shipment of deadly poisoned rhino horn and a few dead humans is totally justified 4) Asian Death Penalty to apply for rhino horn 'drug' trafficking 5) International laws on murder of endangered species to carry same penalty as human murder.
mantlekilo 2012-04-04 03:05:58 AM
Everything that Dee has said 'plus' VAT. Once these mofos are done with the rhino,elephants , snakes etc. your daughters are next, to be bought and sold like commodities ....those aren't my words by the way. This slaughter must be stopped in it's tracks now....and if killing people is what it will take, then let's do it. Each rhino kill is a direct attack on SA's constitution and it;s people. The Asians are giving us the finger and saying ;too bad' there's nothing you can do about it. African Poachers are sellout and a danger to your future.
Walter Oldnal Latham 2012-04-04 05:49:53 AM
The article says 135? The last count I heard was it had reached 150 and still climbing. It seems that at last people are waking up, BUT, is this incompetent Government, especially the minister responsible "waking up" and about to do anything drastic? I think not and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the authorities are up to their necks in it!
BushBoy 2012-04-04 06:05:02 AM
Educating the Asians is a very noble idea, but think of it this way; hypothetically we want to stop South Africans' braai culture. We can tell them that the carbon forming on that crispy rind of lamb chop fat has carcenogenic qualities and that it might also be the case with the meat. The reaction will only be something like 'My grandfather ate lamb chops for breakfast (as well) and lived to the age of 93'. In fact my grandfather did, both... Nobody wants to see rhinos deformed by de-horning, but give us a workable solution other than supplying the market with legal horn. There are app. 5 000 rhinos in private hands that can deliver more than three tons of horn every 2 years. Use it to buy time and until we can mobilise the rest of the world to fight this battle against the Asians on a different level, a level of boycotting their products and their services. DSTV is in bed with them, Apple Mac has massive factories in China and apart from the vehicles that are dumped here, let us compile a list where the Chinese are involved and do something. Ask Standard Bank how they expect us to support them when their partner is Chinese? I have nothing against any bank, but I closed my Standard Bank account in protest to their association with the Chinese; what are you willing to do? Killing poachers will not solve the problem, but killing the market by flooding it will.
Braam Coetzee 2012-04-04 06:18:53 AM
If these Asians just realize that it does nothing for there 1 inch wonders, not gonna get bigger
Bafana DjFuntos Msiza 2012-04-04 06:19:50 AM
what are we having in wildflife for the next five if people keep on killing what we most appreciate and have. as a citizen living near this parks i have to do somthing about it when i see people doing this. please ppl lets do something if we see ppl kills this rhinos..
Vinesh Naidoo 2012-04-04 06:48:25 AM
Can't educate the Asians , This has been part of their culture from BC. Solution: Dehorn the Rhinos, so there is no need to poach the Rhino if the Valuables aren't available.
BushBoy 2012-04-04 06:57:50 AM
Ant, no farmer will hunt his rhinos if he can harvest what he receives for a trophy hunt every two years and that is what actually has happened if you look at the massive population increase of privately owned rhinos over the past ten to twelve years. The objective (Asians) is not only to stockpile illegal rhino horn, but to wipe out rhinos to increase the price thousand-fold. We have been warned as early as 1993 by Miles Hilton-Barber that this was happening in Zimbabwe; poachers received payment for an ear or the tail of a de-horned rhino. I am giving you the facts and I begging you, please give us a practical/workable alternative to de-horning and legalising rhino horn sales.