22 injured in PMB taxi crash

Johannesburg - Twenty-two people were injured when a taxi crashed about 25 meters down an embankment along New Greyton road in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday, paramedics said.

ER24 spokesperson Werner Vermaak said when paramedics arrived the people were sitting next to the road.

"Paramedics learned that all of the occupants managed to crawl out of the taxi and up the embankment," he said.

"Nineteen occupants sustained minor injuries and three were treated for moderate injuries on scene before being taken to Northdale, Greys and Edendale Hospitals respectively."

Vermaak said the local fire department used ropes to lower themselves to the wreckage to ensure there was no one else inside.

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Bento Maepa 2014/08/02 05:03:23 PM
What can we say, they are LICENSED killers. No law will touch them.
Sarel Lacante 2014/08/02 05:46:46 PM
22 in ONE Taxi !!!
Cuan Mark Wood 2014/08/02 07:38:51 PM
I have no sympathy for the taxi owner, drivers or passengers. They all allow the reckless driving and blatant disregard for other. Deal with the consequences.
Riaan Robbeson 2014/08/02 08:20:58 PM
The other 15 escaped without injuries
Famida Nana 2014/08/02 08:21:46 PM
You get laws for road use which we follow and then you get taxi laws.
Marilie Puren-Voogt 2014/08/02 09:40:22 PM
Ja ne if the government realy cared then they would stop woring about the afrikaans language and start worrieng about all south afrikans im asamed to think that im south african and I uaed to be so proud when Madiba whas presedent and im a white south african my hame language is afrikaans I think Madiba would strongly diaprove of whats going on now hes legacy are long gone
Bradly Minnaar 2014/08/03 07:38:24 AM
Totally agree Marilie
Candice Cands 2014/08/03 09:19:32 AM
These idiots need their own country yo kill each other in and leave us alone
Candice Cands 2014/08/03 09:20:32 AM
Sick and tired if heating about taxi deaths and accidents. Y r they even allowed on the toads when they r so corrupt and reckless