26 injured in Benoni as taxis collide

Johannesburg - Twenty-six people, including young children, were injured when two taxis collided in Benoni on Johannesburg's East Rand on Thursday morning, paramedics said.

"Paramedics, along with other services, arrived on scene and found the two taxis stationed on the side of the road," said ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring in a statement.

"On assessment, paramedics discovered that 26 people sustained minor injuries. Some of the injured included children aged between 5-13 years old."

The accident happened on Cloverdene Road in Benoni.

Those injured were taken to nearby hospitals.

The cause of the accident is not known.

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Samantha Lopez 2014/08/21 11:01:29 AM
I doubt the taxis involved obeyed any road rule moments before.
Stemer Sporo 2014/08/21 11:02:09 AM
Ths taxi driverz eish.
Douglas Ross 2014/08/21 11:46:28 AM
It is always a terrible experience when you drive behind a taxi who obeys the rules. You're never sure when he'll decide when to do something wrong. With the others you at least know to stay far away or speed past
Carling Blacklabel 2014/08/21 12:06:21 PM
26 injured? lucky the other 54 are ok
Cbooseesaw 2014/08/21 12:13:43 PM
Mobile coffins, they should be outlawed. They dont pay taxes and even e-tolls, and they make good money.