2nd King David pupil in scandal over Gaza

Johannesburg - A King David School pupil has spoken up about alleged bullying and discrimination at his school after expressing his views on Israel on a Facebook page.

This comes after deputy head boy Joshua Broomberg apologised for the furore over a picture of him wearing a Palestinian scarf.

The pupil who complained about the bullying has gone to the SA Human Rights Commission. He expressed views that were critical of Israel’s actions against the Palestinian people, reported the Times on Thursday.

He said that if one is critical of Israel once, one is “written off by the leadership at King David for the rest of your school career”.

The issue started last year when the pupil, now doing matric, criticised some of Israel’s actions but said he was not an “Israel hater”.

Teacher ‘victimised, bullied pupil’

He was elected to the student representative council this year but the school principal later wrote in a school newsletter that his leadership role had been deferred as he had engaged in an “inappropriate” debate on social media.

The boy’s lawyer said the youth was humiliated and his right to freedom of expression was violated.

The lawyer also told Eyewitness News that a teacher at the school victimised and bullied the pupil so much that he had to go for counselling.

The boy’s family says it is not an isolated incident. The SAHRC has confirmed that it is investigating.

Meanwhile, Sapa reported Broomberg as saying that while he was a proud South African Jew who loved and supported Israel, he still rejected and criticised some of its actions.

"In fact, I consider it my duty to contribute to the growing world-wide discussion surrounding the desperate need for a quick end and lasting solution to this pernicious conflict," he said.

The SA Board of Jewish Education said it now considered the matter surrounding Broomberg closed.

Nicholas von Stein 2014/08/14 11:34:23 AM
For those who don't know, alot of the younger Jewish generations speak up against the wrongs that Israel commits... This is not a endorsement of anykind of terrorism or so called ''self-hate'', but rather holding ourselves to a far higher standard as Jews have just a slight idea of the struggles of persecuted people. To go from being the bullied to the bullier (spelling?) is so sad. As long as the current Israeli-Palestinian political climate mantains itself, only more hate and suffering can come about.
Theo Martinez 2014/08/14 11:36:53 AM
Fascist attitudes at King David clearly the order of the day. The proof they do not promote critical thinking but just blind obedience to the Israeli flag. The proof they do not believe in freedom of thought and speech, and thus violate SA's constitution. The Minister of Education should just close the flipping school for illegal behaviour.
Mohau Moloto 2014/08/14 11:41:58 AM
To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you're not supposed to criticize. Voltaire.
Wotnext 2014/08/14 11:43:58 AM
Par for the course. If Judge Goldstone could be brought to heel by these bullies, what chance do schoolboys have?
Henno 2014/08/14 11:50:19 AM
That's a boy! I am proud of this young man!
Rod Glod 2014/08/14 11:59:18 AM
A jewish boy , in a Jewish school that is zionistic , who has sympathy with a nation that is sworn to kill all jews/israeli's and tries to do so at every opportunity and would cheer in the streets if tel aviv was nuked..I think NOT!!!
Celeste Podde 2014/08/14 12:00:32 PM
I too love Israel but not it's actions!
Celeste Podde 2014/08/14 12:00:32 PM
I too love Israel but not it's actions!
Kobus Hattingh 2014/08/14 12:01:37 PM
Another little one wanting some limelight...
Kyle Smith 2014/08/14 12:04:41 PM
This again shows how some people are prepared to dish out criticism but dare try and criticise them and it's a huge issue! Good for this boy for standing up for what is right, he should be lauded for showing mature and critical thinking instead of brainwashed and regurgitated nonsense. I'm so glad he stood up for his rights. I support him all the way. The King David School should be ashamed of their actions. I may be white but that doesn't mean I cannot criticise my own kind if they are doing something I feel is wrong. Patriotism is all fine and well but when it borders on freedom of speech, it is no longer patriotism but fascism!