4 in court for robbery at NFP leader's home

Johannesburg - Four people accused of breaking into the home of National Freedom Party leader Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi are due to appear in the Verulam Magistrate's Court on Monday, KwaZulu-Natal police said.

Among them was her domestic worker, Captain Thulani Zwane said.

The four were arrested on Thursday and face a charge of house robbery.

Two men armed with knives allegedly broke into kaMagwaza-Msibi's Umhlanga home last Wednesday and accosted her daughter.

KaMagwaza-Msibi was not at home at the time, but her daughter was. She was not hurt during the incident.

The intruders broke down the bathroom door and ransacked the house. They fled with valuables, including cash from a safe.

Zwane could not say how much was taken but The Citizen reported that it was R500 000.

Japie JJ du Toit 2014/08/04 10:03:05 AM
wow - this was suoperfast catching the criminals. well will it stand up in court - just hope the SAPS have done it correct this time around.
Taro Van Rooyen 2014/08/04 10:15:47 AM
What ??? The is she doing with 500.000 in cash in her home
Phylly Tybelt 2014/08/04 10:20:34 AM
Is she selling drugs??? Half a million in cash wow!!
Miles Lancmore 2014/08/04 10:29:21 AM
Half a million rand in the house and more should be in the bank when the people who voted for her are starving.Robbing is wrong but we now know something.
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/04 10:40:57 AM
R500K, must have been under the mattress, might even have been obtained - under the counter. I am sure that the crims will sit their full term in prison, oh hang on they will have some or other thing wrong with them, they will get parole, maybe even a pardon and voila , back on the streets.
Jankie Phalla Caswell 2014/08/04 11:04:17 AM
maybe domestic worker nt registered let police investigate y such amount in the house
Siphiwo Khuzwayo 2014/08/04 11:14:39 AM
In these times and age, you can keep R500 000 thousand in your house? A senior policitian of her calibre, who should be well aware of the ills in our communities, still does this? It leaves a lot to be desired. The truth shall surface one day.
Andrew MacDonald 2014/08/04 11:50:54 AM
one of the reasons for keeping R500k in cash in your house is to hide it from SARS. #justsayin
Louis Van Den Elst 2014/08/04 12:01:54 PM
Wow very good work done by the police wonder if the dossiers will also vanish ?
Bradly Minnaar 2014/08/04 12:59:24 PM
More government officials must be robbed so the useless anc can start taking crime a bit more seriously. ...but then suppose that is like saying they should take themselves more seriously.