5 arrested in illegal Gaza march in Cape Town

Cape Town - Five people have been arrested for conspiring to commit a crime during an illegal march in Cape Town, Western Cape police said on Monday.

"According to the reports, a group of about 200 people had gathered at Sea Point and then proceeded to the Pavilion Mall carrying placards and loud-hailers," Colonel Tembinkosi Kinana said.

"They were warned by the police, as their gathering was illegal. It is believed that they moved to the Grand Parade where they continued with their picketing and chants."

Pro-Israel rally

The participants in the march on Sunday, in support of Palestine, were then twice warned by police as they proceeded towards Buitenkant Street, near where a pro-Israel rally was being held.

"At that stage, the police started arresting the members of the group who had defied the lawful orders to leave the place," Kinana said.

"About five people, four men aged between 30 and 43, and a 36-year-old woman were arrested for conspiring to commit a crime."

The five were expected to appear in the Cape Town Magistrate's Court on Monday.

Further details were expected to emerge during their court appearance.

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Steve Felder 2014/08/11 11:08:35 AM
Throw away the key
Nick Gates 2014/08/11 02:22:56 PM
I'm still confused at peoples desire to protest/support either one. Don't we have bigger issues on our own continent, as a matter of fact our own country. Farm murders, gang violence, mass abduction of children, child rape, violent murders, the list is endless. I'm all for supporting the innocent on either side, and my heart goes out to those who have been injured or killed. But maybe we should look at our own problems and solve those before we start supporting issues which don't really affect us. I always feel education starts at home, so lets learn/study our issues and be vocal about these before going to the next level. Hatred and mud slinging is not going to get you anywhere.
Paige Turner 2014/08/11 02:26:31 PM
Make them clean up the mess in Cape Town city centre left by the other marchers and protesters.
Rodney Bevan 2014/08/11 05:25:27 PM
I have only one question, when Israel pulled out of certain parts of Gaza a few years ago, they left a working infrastructure behind, buildings, homes, growing poly tunnels etc, they also handed over millions in aid, as did the US, EU, UK and a few other countries, why did Hamas decide to buy weapons, build tunnels and destroy the growing poly tunnels instead of using the money to educate their children, to build more hospitals, homes, finance business etc? They then proceed to attack Israeli citizens with indiscriminate rocket fire and expect or hope the IDF won't retaliate, they hide their weapons in schools, hospitals and civilians homes, they use their women and children as human shields. Ask yourself why no Arab nation in the region wants to support them or accept Palestinian refugees onto their soil, ask yourself why Egypt is so anti Hamas and refuses to allow them to cross the border, hence the secret smuggling tunnels. Ask yourself why Hamas feel the need to build tunnels leading into Israeli towns near the border. The world has fallen asleep while the radical muslims have infiltrated every corner of our existence, in Britain a secret plan to indoctrinate children in Birmingham's schools was uncovered and at least 12 schools were closed. I can't wait for the day all the apologists wake up and find the radicals have taken over, sharia law is in force and any dissenters summarily executed in the streets. Time to wake up world!