6 injured in Cape Town mall shooting

Cape Town - Six people were wounded when a gang tried to rob a Cape Town shop at the weekend, it was reported on Monday.

The Daily Voice reported that a group of armed men entered a clothing shop in Gugulethu Square on Sunday and demanded cash.

A shoot-out ensued between the gang and security guards.

Two guards and two of the armed men were wounded. The armed men fled.

Two people inside the shop were treated for bullet wounds.

Lieutenant Colonel Thembinkosi Kinana told the newspaper no arrests had been made.

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Bafana.Ndlovu 2013/05/13 11:17:39 AM
Why not name the store? My bet is spitz, Kurt Geiger or Pringle
Raymond Barreto 2013/05/13 11:20:44 AM
No arrests ???? Sjoe.... no surprise there....
Ralph Gibson 2013/05/13 11:31:41 AM
First destabilize and then take over the only province not as corrupt as the rest of S.A.
Makuduele'bauba A Hlabirwa Mampuru 2013/05/13 11:47:33 AM
i think this has nothing to do with politics
KASI4LYF 2013/05/13 11:51:43 AM
how the hell did they not atleast arrest the 2 injured armed men
Mira Sturmair 2013/05/13 11:59:52 AM
crime rules - government does bugger all to stop crime.......and they set no example to people of south africa
Mizana Nxeleba 2013/05/13 12:20:53 PM
what is going on in our country people turned into animals.WHY?
Noku Langa 2013/05/13 12:21:45 PM
Really News24!!! The full story is on IOL describing what actually happened, how the robbers gained access and held up 2 guards, how mall security wrestled one of the robbers and how more security guards joined in and managed to shoot 2 of the robbers!
QuquzelaMzania 2013/05/13 01:27:06 PM
I hate censorship, but the less said about this story the better. I happen to live there. No-one in their right mind stores cash on their premises. 'Pirate Organisations' abound.
Lenox Ntlantsana 2013/05/13 05:15:13 PM
Its been long time coming! No politics but pure crime!