6 to appear for KZN decapitation

Durban - Six people, including a traditional healer and three minors, will appear in the Durban Regional Court on Wednesday in connection with the murder of a woman who was decapitated.

The three minors, who cannot be named, are being detained at the youth facility of Durban's Westville prison.

Sivonkaliso Mbili, aged 32, and Vusumuzi Gumede, aged 30, are being detained at Westville prison. The sixth accused, Falakhe Khumalo, was being held in the Chatsworth police station cells.

He was to assist police in the recovery of the murder weapon.

Municipal workers found Desiree Murugan's body at a stadium last month.

The Daily News reported at the time that the 39-year-old had a six-year-old son and worked as a prostitute. She reportedly had a drug habit.

Her head was found in Imfume, on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast.

At the time police spokesperson Colonel Jay Naicker said one of the accused was a traditional healer.

During the group's appearance on Monday, about 70 protesters outside the court called for "witchcrafters and murderers to be burnt alive".

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On The Edge 2014/09/03 06:37:50 AM
A despicable story of beheading and then it ends with people wanting to burn these thugs alive! Really, both are barbaric... something so wrong with this world we live in... then again, is it not the fact that as time moves on, we learn more about ourselves and the world we live in... do we continue dissecting and discrediting religion as the farce that it is, or do we, in a draconian manner, return to indoctrinated and forced religion as a means to somehow keep people in the dark? It is obvious that we cannot turn back however, going forward, how do we get people to stop realising that the life they living, when meaningless, does not make it okay to kill, physically harm or emotionally damage fellow earth dwellers, given the obvious fact there is no afterdeath consequence for such dispicable acts against humanity! What is the answer...? Where before religion attempted to put the fear of 'god' in you (the fear of going to and burning in Hell for all eternity, a scary thought to say the least), yet we know this is hogwash and if true, never heard of anyone that survived to tell the story to help confirm this religious, so called truth! What fear can we instil in people today that will end the carnage and barbaric behavioural patterns of man it's its return to animalistic, beast-like nature?
On The Edge 2014/09/03 07:08:40 AM
Thanks Finnish En Klaar however, I meant the post at the innocent (victims) as we are the ones that need to look for solutions whereas the killers would not come up with a resolve as that would or should be their Achilles Heal, so to speak, not?
Emma Sanderson 2014/09/03 07:09:22 AM
I am glad that they have caught the guilty but guess who is just as guilty? Every idiot who goes to a sangoma and pays for their services ensures that people continue to become sangomas and the cycle continues. Muti-killings will continue. Join this century why don't you? Consider this go back a hundred or so years -if someone living then with a medical condition had the choice of a) life saving operation or b) going to the local sangoma - tell me what would they have chosen.
Rolisizwe Dlamini Lunika 2014/09/03 08:39:21 AM
Africa is in trouble, while the rest of the world is embracing new technologies, we are still stuck in believing in things like muti, its scary how many black people believe that witchcrafts, songoma's etc
Phillip Lekalakala 2014/09/03 09:23:27 AM
These are very dangerous creatures, they should't be locked in prison cells with other inmates. they must be locked in the wildest zoo on earth. Surely they can survive anacondas in the amazon.