60 held for drunk driving in Johannesburg

Johannesburg - As part of commemorating women's month, female police officers arrested 60 drunk drivers during roadblocks around Johannesburg, metro police said on Saturday.

The roadblocks were held by 94 female metro police officers on Friday night, Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said.

The roadblocks were held along Chris Hani road in Soweto, Bree and Mooi streets in the CBD, Jan Smuts drive and Seventh avenue in Parktown, as well as the M1 and Corlett drive offramp.

"The drunk drivers were given bail ranging from R1 000 to R1 500," said Minnaar.

They were expected to appear at different courts around Johannesburg next week.

Pater Noster 2014/08/23 01:24:47 PM
Useless information!
Phil Galpin 2014/08/23 01:30:26 PM
How many Zuma's drove away without being breathalyzed? Being 'nabbed' depends on who you know and the car you drive!
Mfithi Thandile 2014/08/23 01:35:59 PM
Drunk "men" I guess!
Lpk Pmc 2014/08/23 01:41:18 PM
This is to say women can arrest drunken men!! Shame sissies .. only in women's month .. we await men's month .. what total bizarreness has not descended upon us with the ANC sickness??
James Smith 2014/08/23 01:59:10 PM
and you call this junk "news"
Pamela Mika 2014/08/23 02:01:12 PM
So drunk drivers only knock down women? All these "initiatives" keep getting more and more weird I swear.. Why not do something about rape victims instead, oh wait we don't want the country remember that ONE rape victim from a certain case involving a certain someone.. Oh well, carry on
Kholo Warren Jesus 2014/08/23 02:02:44 PM
if there's any company to shut down soon.it is surely the south African brewery.
Prince Ramalia 2014/08/23 02:36:06 PM
if these were real criminals that would be great
Roann Louw 2014/08/23 03:15:00 PM
What has been done to provide safe, affordable and reliable transport 24/7? I can answer nothing! Spend taxes to improve infrastructure once that is done nail people for driving drunk.
Wendy Plath McQueen 2014/08/23 03:25:54 PM
How weird! This is totally ridiculous. I don't get how woman's month has anything to do with arresting drunk drivers.