ACDP: Keep Christian teaching in schools

Johannesburg - Christian values should remain in schools because the Constitution promotes freedom of religion, the African Christian Democratic Party said on Tuesday.

President Rev Kenneth Meshoe said the party was appalled by calls for Christian values to be removed in schools.

"The ACDP will oppose attempts to stop Christian values from being taught in schools as our Constitution promotes the freedom of religion and not freedom from religion," Meshoe said in a statement.

Freedom Front Plus spokesperson Anton Alberts said the party supported efforts to oppose a planned court case directed at prohibiting six schools from exercising Christian values.

Alberts said the reaction from church circles and social media was proof the court action by a group calling itself OGOD, with its chairperson Hans Pietersen, is seen as a "witch-hunt on Christians".

He said the Organisation for Religion Education and Democracy's (OGOD) court case was "incorrectly motivated" and aimed at replacing one philosophy with another.

"Freedom of religion is of cardinal importance in South Africa. It is part of any mature democracy. In model C schools the principle of parental input, management and democracy is in place," he said.

"Therefore, learners who do not wish to be part of any religious actions should have the right to withdraw from it."

OGOD said it was taking six public schools and the ministers of basic education and correctional services to court for allowing "suppression of scientific and cultural knowledge", religious coercion and abuse of pupils' rights in public schools.

It wanted to "eradicate religious elitism" with its court action.

"The actions of the some public schools are in breach of the national policy on religion and education, and or unconstitutional, for such public schools," it said in a statement.

"OGOD defends the constitutional rights of learners to freedom of religion and conscience, and their right of access to knowledge. Many South African public schools abuse these rights."

The organisation listed over 60 "abuses of rights". These include requiring pupils to subscribe to a specific religion, referring to a deity in their school badges, and rendering religious instruction.

Also listed were handing out religious booklets or textbooks, issuing prefects with T-shirts with religious symbols on them, opening school assemblies with sermons or prayer, and requiring pupils to pray.

"This will be South Africa’s watershed case for religion in public schools."

The six schools are Hoërskool Linden in Johannesburg, Laerskool Randhart in Alberton, Laerskool Baanbreker in Boksburg, Laerskool Garsfontein in Pretoria and Hoërskool Oudtshoorn and Langenhoven Gimnasium both in Oudtshoorn.

Pietersen said the schools and departments had 20 business days to respond to its papers and that OGOD should know the way forward by the end of September.

"OGOD is not against a specific language, it just happens to be six Afrikaans schools where parents have approached us," he said.

"The object is to get equality and freedom. We want the schools to adhere to the national policy of religion. There is nothing in the policy that I do not agree with."

He said the organisation had similar complaints from parents in the past, but finally found enough parents with enough complaints to make a case.

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Mc Apple 2014/09/02 08:03:15 PM
Let's see them try this with Indian schools.
Raymond Butler 2014/09/02 08:06:04 PM
The problem isn't religion in schools it's mandatory religion.... and besides if you want Christianity in schools
Raymond Butler 2014/09/02 08:06:55 PM
Then you must have islam and all the other religions aswell
Ryan Holland 2014/09/02 08:21:16 PM
Yes to religious history study. No to religious indoctrination.
Isidore Ivan Africa 2014/09/02 08:21:30 PM
Amen to this Idea
Andile 2014/09/02 08:21:36 PM
South Africa belongs to everyone ,not just christians ,why impose christianity on other religions?
Jean Steyn 2014/09/02 08:27:46 PM
Would all Christians in state schools be happy to wear burkas if their school governing body has a Muslim majority? If it's a government school paid for by tax payers money it needs to be secular to accommodate all. Private schools can do what they want.
Yvonne Nortje 2014/09/02 08:30:30 PM
I fully agree with the ACDP, it is freedom OF and not FROM religion, and just another interresting fact, the educational cirriculum is designed to confuse our children on religious issues like creation etc, so is much of our constitution which allows abortions and theft (unfair redistribution of wealth and land). Even the media propogates it by witchhunting white people for "racist” murders, but convieniently don't report on racist attacks on white people. People, murder is murder and theft is theft, and the freedom to choose your own religious guide is a personal choice which should not be forced onto anybody! I choose to teach my children Christian values which propogates peace and tolerance and respect! Love thy neighbor! Peace be with you.
Dave Leverton 2014/09/02 08:34:45 PM
Always the call for freedom of religion in schools - until you ask if that includes satanism.
Alison Wilson Harris 2014/09/02 08:38:15 PM
An absalute must .. !