ANC not invited to Marikana commemoration

Johannesburg - None of the officials from the ANC attended the Marikana rally held in Wonderkop on Saturday, the ruling party said.

"[The] ANC was not invited by organisers to the Marikana anniversary today," said spokesperson Zizi Kodwa.

The event was to commemorate the 34 people, mostly striking mineworkers, who were shot dead by police in clashes at Lonmin's platinum mine on 16 August 2012.

Ten people, including two policemen and two security guards were killed in the preceding week.

The ANC did not attend the one-year commemoration last year.

The party released a statement on Saturday saying the day should be used to remember all those who were killed in the unrest.

"We solemnly remember the 44 people who lost their lives in the 10 days leading up to and including 16 August 2012," Kodwa said in a statement.

Saturday is the two year anniversary of the shooting.

Attending the event was EFF leader Julius Malema , DA Parliamentary leader Mmusi Maimane and Cope leader Mosiuoa Lekota. Kodwa said the Farlam Commission of Inquiry, established by President Jacob Zuma, should conclude with its investigation into the shooting.

"It is our hope that the [commission]... will soon conclude its business and provide much needed answers to our country and the world on what transpired on those fateful days in Marikana," he said.

The commission, chaired by retired Judge Ian Farlam, is investigating the deaths of the 44 people that were killed.

The ANC also urged people, particularly within the mining industry to recommit themselves to resolving the pressing challenges within the sector.

"A commitment borne of the determination that such a tragedy never recurs," said Kodwa.

Made-In SA 2014/08/16 07:04:39 PM
The event was to commemorate the 34 people, mostly striking mineworkers, who were shot dead by police in clashes at Lonmin's platinum mine on 16 August 2012. So,they did not commemorate the 10 people,including 2 policemen AMCU members killed?
Solomon Lebelo 2014/08/16 07:08:29 PM
Y do we nid to invite crocodiles,instructions to shoot came from within the ANC n the culprit was rewarded with a deputy president post,what a shame
Khuliso Mutsha 2014/08/16 07:30:02 PM
ANC is the first love of the majority of South African people, Marikana issue is being used by politicians, I am glad that ANC is not part of that ceremony. ANC lead.
Sibusiso Ntshangase 2014/08/16 07:41:13 PM
Why should they be invited???
Nhlahla David 2014/08/16 07:46:02 PM
To invite them to do what ? To kill more people ?
Kholo Warren Jesus 2014/08/16 07:47:23 PM
South Africa. Why do you waste money on commemorations when people who are living wonder around my parktown house looking for a job and are hungry.
Louis Scholtz 2014/08/16 07:58:09 PM
Should have killed more of the skidmarks on the underpants of society. Please enlighten me and the rest of the world, If an angry mob of "chemically dosed people" (read stark raving mad animals high on some bullcrap muti made from donkey feces, ash, human blood and flesh and traditional superstition) Storms you and with handguns and some carrying spears and pangas, you would just stand there and be killed? And yes there is video footage of miners firing guns.
Boikanyo Elton Mokgatle 2014/08/16 08:02:07 PM
Zanc its all about business and profit not work for the poor...
Silboy Matari Masilo Matari 2014/08/16 08:05:37 PM
Dat is a good news.we were expected that.y should killers invited
Rhonda Janse van Vuuren 2014/08/16 08:10:27 PM
For once in my life I'm on their side. Everyone is calling them killers but everyone conveniently forgets that the miners started the brutal killings first...the security guard whose tongue was cut out etc. They are the killers, not the police